Heavy Table food experts to visit North Folk Winery

James Norton and Becca Dilley

Food experts James Norton and Becca Dilley had their fair share of adventure traveling around Lake Superior for their latest book “Lake Superior Flavors.”

They will be at an event at North Folk Winery Thursday, July 24, to talk about the flavors and stories they encountered while writing the book.

From jam-making monks to eating shark sandwiches, the married duo traced the history of Lake Superior with their taste buds and nostrils. They wanted to create a book that was a follow-up to their book about Wisconsin cheese “The Master Cheesemakers.”

“Superior gets tourist attention, but their food history is really undiscovered,” Dilley said. “Authentic foods that are there are so different. It’s something that hasn’t been covered.”

The two traveled through the well-known areas of Thunder Bay and through the North Shore to the Canadian flavor of the lakes. One particular instance had Norton in a tiny skiff, fishing for herring at 6 a.m. with Dave Dahl.

“I’m terrified of water,” Norton said.

While traveling, they also got a taste of how Native gastronomy has changed.

“People don’t know the wealth of interesting things going on with Native culture,” Norton said. He interviewed a historical interpreter at Fort William who told them about food preparation.

The book artfully ties photos together with written history to give a new flavor to the Minnesotan region.

The event is part of the “Into the Evening” series hosted by North Folk Winery at 43150 Blackhawk Road, Harris. It includes pizza, wine and dessert. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Scout & Morgan Books, 114 Buchanan St. N., Cambridge, or by calling 763-689-2474.