Braham class of 1954 holds reunion at Community Center

Submitted by Grace E. Anderson Schrunk, Blaine

Sixteen graduates of the class of 1954 gathered at the new Braham Community Center to celebrate their 60th class reunion on June 4, which was the actual day of their graduation exercises.

Lunch was catered and the afternoon was spent reminiscing of what has happened in the past five years and remembering the 15 classmates who have passed away. We plan on getting together again five years from now just as we have done for the past 50 years.

Those in attendance were as follows: Grace Anderson Schrunk from Blaine, Lowell and Darlene (Honzalek) Carlson, Phyllis and Russell Eklund from Circle Pines, Jerome and Joanne (Frederickson) Peterson from Princeton, Jan and Jack Grunewald from Naples, Florida, Gretchen and Richard Hanson from Spring Lake Park, Sue and Charles Lamon from Lamar, Missouri, Sharon and Dennis Larson from Baxter, Mariette Nelson Schjenken from Delhi, Minnesota, John Nyberg from St. Paul, Ralph and Marie (Rysdam)Joy from St. Paul, Glorian Splittstoser Hein from Stillwater and Jerry Wahlstrom from Baxter.

We were especially pleased that our English teacher, Phyllis Kromer, was also able to attend. Before we left for the day, we were given a tour of the Community Center which is a very nice addition to serve the surrounding area


The Braham class of 1954,

There were 44 students plus two more.

Basketball, football and track, Choir, band and the Echo kept us all coming back.

Most of us arrived by bus and usually in a bunch.

The town kids walked to school and went home for lunch.

Such was the life of 18 girls and 28 boys,

These were the fabulous 50s and all of its joys.

Fred was smart and wise and had to grow up fast,

He could be a jokester at the drop of a hat.

Wally and Grace went to the Stanchfield School,

We learned from Miss Chapman, the golden rule.

Elaine was our beautiful homecoming queen,

An honor for which she was truly deemed.

Jack, Dennis C. and Dennis L. were basketball stars,

They also played football like they were from Mars.

Glorian, Annette and Ruth, studies were never on hold,

That scene kept them in line for the college mold.

Joanne F. became Peterson when she met Jerome,

Joanne P. moved to New Mexico, calling that state home.

Jerry became a performer in the Foggie Follies,

He knew how to make the older generation seem quite jolly.

Bruce N. and Norma opted to stay settled in Braham,

They preferred the quiet life to the big city mayhem.

Arliss, John N. and Bruce Q. played in the band,

Patty led with her baton which was just grand.

Jeanne continued her work for ole Ma Bell,

Even in California living there for a spell.

Lois moved to the west coast where it’s quite warm,

Leaving family, colleagues and friends to mourn.

Ron and Russ were of the honor roll kind,

They never seemed to study, and were never behind.

John G. left his fellow classmates altogether too soon,

He delighted in our basketball team playing over the moon.

Floyd and Lloyd, the twins, were our classmates to,

They left school early for the service to do.

Bruce C. made his mark with the Highway Patrol,

Making sure our driving was under control.

Lowell and Darlene went back to the farm,

Living in Columbia Heights had lost much of its charm.

Wayne was a farmer and later drove truck,

Getting married again was a stroke of good luck.

Marie spent summers in the cities and much Joy was found,

Elma, Mary Jane, Donna and Mariette were just hanging around.

Richard H. and Richard D. found jobs to their liking,

Traveling by plane, train or car and sometimes just hiking.

Lowell, Glen, Charles and Frank moved far away from us,

Coming back for class reunions, weddings, and such.

Gerald, Bill B., Bill S., Don, Robert and Marvin are not here any more,

We pause to remember them and the good times, just like before.

This is my tale of what I remember,

It covers all of the male and female gender.