Summertime traffic safety reminder

Dear Editor:

The Isanti County TZD program advocates for traffic safety behind the wheel. As a result of recent discussions, it is time again to remind drivers to be careful. Traffic safety is something we all need to be aware of this summer. There are four things drivers can do to avoid a crash.

First, wear your seat belt. The seat belt is probably the most important safety device in the vehicle. Be sure that all vehicle occupants are properly restrained with the seat belt and/or child passenger seat.

Second, drive the speed limit. Speeds are posted and correspond to how the road is engineered. Going over the speed limit could result in loss of vehicle control in an emergency, reduced reaction time, and potentially a more serious crash result.

Third, pay attention. Distracted driving is cited as one of the major factors in crashes. Driving is the most important function when behind the wheel. Avoid distractions such as cell phones, texting, and eating for safety reasons.

Fourth, don’t drive impaired. The legal BAC limit is .08. Drivers can avoid a DUI simply by not drinking and driving. In Isanti County, Safe Cab is generally available Thursday thru Saturday. Ask your server for details about using a safe cab.

The Isanti TZD programs wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable summer. Thank you.


Bob Bollenbeck

Isanti TZD Program Coordinator