May 19

Independent School District No. 314 Regular School Board Meeting
Monday, May 19, 2014 Braham, MN 55006
7:00 pm BAHS Community Room
The regular school board meeting was called to order by Chair Steve Eklund at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was given.
Members present: Steven Eklund, Robert Hughes, Tony Cuda, Zane Braund, Angie Flowers, Allison Londgren, Mike Thompson, and Supt. Gregory Winter.
Members absent: None.
Motion by M. Thompson, second by T. Cuda to adopt the agenda with 2 additions. First addition, employment acceptance under agenda Item #14; second addition, new Item #14a – to Consider Request for Creation of High Potential position. Carried.
Motion by R. Hughes, second by A. Londgren to approve the minutes of the April 28th Regular school board meeting; approve the May bills, $72,159.52; and accept the May Treasurers report. The board also reviewed the current enrollment analysis. Carried.
Motion by M. Thompson, second by A. Londgren to adopt the resolution acknowledging May 2014 donations. Carried
BE IT RESOLVED, by the School Board of Independent School District No. 314 that the School Board accepts with appreciation the following contributions and permits their use as designated by the donors.

There was nothing addressed under Open Forum.
The Student Council written report was reviewed by Natalie Bacon. Student Council will do their annual ditch clean up on May 27th. They will continue with their recycling and announcement projects.
Elementary Principal Jeff Eklund reviewed his written report which included: Thank you to Tracy Fix, DAC Coordinator, and Joe Rajkowski, Mike Thompson, Becky Swanson and others who helped proctor tests. The MCA testing is now complete for 2013-2014. The interviews for open positions are on-going. Thank you to Cassie Tomczak, Sue Pearson and the MANY students and parents who volunteered to help make Track and Field day for grades 1 through 4 so successful. Fun Day for grades 5 and 6 is scheduled for Tuesday, May 20th. April 23rd was Secretary Day and he expressed his thanks and appreciation to the secretaries of the district. Ms. Fraki and high school students have been using their talents and time to add new art to the walls of the elementary building. Kindergarten teachers, Roxanne Kirby, Dawn Olson, Lori Auers and Candi Lund thanked the board for the opportunity to move ahead with the year round kindergarten program in 2013-14 and the smaller classes which allowed more 1:1 time with students. Their goal for the kindergarteners was to see a 90% proficiency in letter site and sound recognition and number recognition. The students actually showed 96% proficiency in letter recognition, 93% in letter sound recognition and 91% in number recognition. They were very excited to see this kind of success.
Activities Director/Asst Principal Tim Malone reviewed his written report. Sub-sections for Softball will be May 20th, Baseball on May 23rd, Golf for girls on May 27th and Boys on May 28th, and Track will be May 20th and May 28th, weather permitting. He attended spring MSHSL meeting. Donations have started coming in for the Scoreboard in the East gym.
High School Principal Justin Sawyer reviewed his written report. Preliminary results of the MCA tests look pretty good. Official results will not be available until August. Students, Jenna Winter, Ariel Ramstad, Rachel Eskuri and Lindsey Stormy Husnick were recognized for their academic achievements at an awards banquet in St Cloud sponsored by Resource Training and Solutions on April 30th. The Academic, Athletic and Art Award program was May 8th. Many students were recognized for their hard work by receiving awards and scholarships. Thank you to Michelle Becker, Julie Johnson and Teresa Person for all their work in preparation for this event. Mr. Sawyer attended the Super Mileage Challenge competition in Brainerd in May. Our students, under the leadership of Luke Becker, came in 2nd with their E-85 car and 10th out of 44 with their stock car. This is very impressive considering it is their first year participating and they entered two cars in competition.
District Assessment Coordinator Tracy Fix reviewed her written report. MCA testing is complete. Students in grades 3 – 11 put their best foot forward. Again, a special thank you to all of those who helped during this testing season, Joe Rajkowski, Becky Swanson, Mike Thompson and Teresa Person. Next year there will be a new testing company.
Community Education Director Cheryl Arnold was unavailable. The written report was reviewed. There were no questions.
Supt. Winter attended the MN Association of School Business Officials (MASBO) meeting. There was a lot of information disseminated at MASBO in regards to the recent legislative session. He attended conferences on changing laws on school expenditures and different sources of revenue. Accountability is becoming more and more important. He attended the Collaborative Committee meeting. Charity Allen, CD Counselor, made a presentation at this meeting. There were two Isanti County commissioners present to hear the report. The County Commissioners were very supportive of the program. Supt Winter attended part of the SuperMileage competition in Brainerd and got to see first hand the excitement of our students who had the opportunity to participate in such a hands on activity.
Board members reported on individual meetings and activities attended including many baseball and softball games, committee meetings, track and field day, negotiations, Echelon and Jazz concerts, and the awards program.
M. Thompson attended the RRSEC governance meeting. He told the board that Rum River North got state approval for the RRN building project which should begin construction in spring 2015. Chair S. Eklund attended the MSHSL assembly. There were many policy changes that were approved at this meeting including changes to the student transfer and eligibility rule; e-cigs and synthetic drugs being added to the chemical policy; individual student ineligibility because of a chemical problem will now affect the team; and, competition against like schools were some of them.
Motion by A. Londgren, second by T. Cuda to accept the letters of resignation submitted by Krista McNally, School Counselor; Tim Malone, HS Assistant Principal/Activities Director; Tina Engberg, 1:1 Paraprofessional; and, Brad Johnson, HS cleaner/sweeper. Carried.
Motion by A. Flowers, second by R. Hughes to approve the lane advance for Deb Thompson from a MA+45 to MA+60 Step 1 effective the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. M. Thompson abstained. Carried.
Motion by M. Thompson, second by A. Londgren to approve the step correction for Michelle Kamholz. Ms. Kamholz will continue to be paid at step 2 of the Sec/Para contract in the 1:1 position she moved to on April 7, 2014. Carried.
Motion by R. Hughes, second by M. Thompson to approve the hiring recommendation made by Jeff Eklund, Elementary Principal to hire Brea Durovec in the open third grade classroom teacher position at Step 1, Lane 1 of the BEA teachers contract effective August 26, 2014. Carried.
The following teacher has attained tenure status: Karen Prigge, HS Special Education teacher.
Motion made by A. Flowers, second by A. Londgren to create a position to oversee the Gifted and Talented (High Potential) program with an annual stipend of $2,500. Carried.
Eric Linner, WOLD Architects, presented and reviewed the bid tabulation for the Summer 2014 Roofing Project at Braham Area High School. WOLD Architects recommended awarding the contract to Buysse Roofing of St Cloud, based on the acceptance of the alternate as follows:
Base Bid $86,200.00
Alternate #1 $41,700.00
Total Contract: $127,900.00
Motion by R. Hughes, second by M. Thompson to award the Summer 2014 Roofing Project at Braham Area High School to Buysse Roofing as recommended by WOLD Architects. Carried.
Eric Linner, WOLD Architects, presented and reviewed the bid tabulation for the Summer 2014 Toilet Project at Braham Area HIgh School. WOLD Architects recommended awarding the contract to RAK Construction as follows:
Base Bid $104,920.00
Total Contract: $104,920.00
Motion by A. Londgren, second by A. Flowers to award the Summer 2014 Toilet Project at Braham Area High School to RAK Construction as recommended by WOLD Architects. Carried.
There was not enough information available at the time of the board meeting to make a decision on the Districts Student Transportation Services. Action was tabled by the board until the Regular School Board meeting in June, 2014.
Motion by M. Thompson, second by T. Cuda to renew the districts membership in the Rum River Special Education Cooperative, effective July 1, 2014, by approving the RRSEC Joint Powers Agreement. Carried.
Motion by R. Hughes, second by Z. Braund to authorize Student Assurance Services, Inc., Stillwater, MN to provide district parents an opportunity to purchase insurance coverage for their children for accidents and other purposes for the 2014-2015 school year. Carried.
Motion by R. Hughes, second by M. Thompson to adopt the Resolution Approving the Transfer of Bond Proceeds from the Construction Fund to the Debt Redemption Fund. A roll call vote was taken and passed unanimously. A copy of said resolution shall become part of the official minutes.
The board held its first reading of the following policies: #406 – Public and Private Personnel Data; #502 – Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions, and Students Persons; #522 – Student Sex Non-Discrimination; #531 – The Pledge of Allegiance and,
#705 Investments.
Chair Eklund reminded all present that the Regular June school board meeting is set for Monday, June 16, 2014 at 7:00 pm, BAHS Community Room.
Motion by A. Londgren, second by A. Flowers to adjourn at 7:47 p.m. Carried
Attest: Steve Eklund, Chair
Zane Braund, Clerk
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