Jeff Sandquist files for District 2 County Commissioner

Jeff Sandquist
Jeff Sandquist

My name is Jeff Sandquist and I have made a commitment to serve as County Commissioner of District 2, representing the city of Braham; the townships of Dalbo,  Maple Ridge, Spring Vale, Stanchfield and Wyanett. I have made this decision with the full support of my family, friends and wife Julie.

I was born and raised in Isanti County on a dairy farm.  Shortly after graduating from high school I chose to continue dairy farming and working in the area. As time moved on, so did the cows. I continued farming and also started a small trucking business and enjoyed that until 2011. I have lived in Isanti County my entire life and have been blessed with 4 children, 1 granddaughter, and a very loving and supportive wife.

I believe that I’m the best candidate for Commissioner because it will be my full time job. I have no other agenda or work commitment. I will make myself available to meet with taxpayers and hear the issues related to District 2. I will make my decisions as Commissioner, based upon what you the taxpayers have relayed to me, and I will be as fair and equal as possible. I understand the meaning of a hand shake, and I think common sense is important. I believe my experience in operating and managing my past businesses and employees will make the hard decisions ahead somewhat easier. I understand exactly where the county monies come from and will not spend your hard earned tax dollars foolishly. I will work on behalf of your best interests. I will not give myself a salary raise with your tax dollars. I am not a politician – I’m someone who will listen.

I’m looking forward to hearing the voters and would appreciate your support. Please vote on Aug. 12. Thank you.

Article submitted by Jeff Sandquist