K-6 public charter school opening in August

Director Carlo Galeazzi
Director Carlo Galeazzi

A new charter school opening in Isanti in the fall will provide a K-6 public education while integrating the visual and performing arts within each school day.

The Art and Science Academy is opening under the leadership of School Director Carlo Galeazzi, who has been a Stanchfield resident for six years.

Galeazzi said the mission of the academy will be to provide rigorous K-6 public education in science, math, technology, language arts and social studies while integrating the arts (visual, media, music, dance and theater) within each school day.

Galeazzi said the academy is a free public charter school staffed with highly qualified and motivated individuals.

Galeazzi explained the academy will add a grade level each year for the first two years of operation, resulting in a comprehensive K-8 elementary school program by August 2017. Galeazzi said the academy will begin the school year Aug. 18, 2014, and is currently about two-thirds full for enrollment.

Parents are welcome to attend an upcoming informational session to learn more about the academy. Meetings are scheduled for 7 p.m. Mondays, June 9 and 23, and Thursday, June 19, at Minnco Conference Center, 236 Second Ave. SW, Cambridge.

More information on the academy can also be found by contacting Galeazzi at [email protected] or calling 763-444-0342.

Galeazzi has been a teacher and administrator and holds a doctorate in organizational leadership and policy from the University of Minnesota. He did his dissertation in arts integration in the school. He previously was the principal for charter school Perpich Center for the Arts.

“During my time at Perpich, I learned a lot about the arts and the power of arts to motivate students,” Galeazzi said. “Research supports the importance of art education and having students excited about school. When you involve art in the schools, the students take ownership of the school, and the arts help with critical thinking, creative processes, developing more creativity. We will focus on an arts-rich program and integration of art. We are looking to provide a quality arts education and use arts as a platform for learning academic subjects.”

Galeazzi said the academy will have smaller class sizes and will provide a unique team-teaching approach. He explained an average class size will be 22 students, and each classroom will also have an assigned instructional assistant to assist the teachers.

“We have set up our school to make sure there aren’t any students who fall through the cracks,” Galeazzi said. “We have designed a class model to provide support for all our students who attend.”

Galeazzi explained students will have an optional additional hour each day from 3-4 p.m. for homework help and enrichment activities. The academy will offer sports activities as extracurricular activities; however, students may also participate in their districts’ after-school sports programs. Transportation for the academy students will be provided by District 911.

Galeazzi said opening a charter school in the area has been in the works for three years. The school is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Education and was awarded $550,000 in federal start-up funding from the Minnesota Department of Education to be divided over a three-year period.

All the academy teachers are licensed by the state of Minnesota. The academy’s curriculum is aligned to state standards and research-backed. The academy teachers will use successful curriculum programs such as FOSS Science and Singapore Math.

“We are looking at giving parents in the area another option for their children,” Galeazzi said. “Our academy is for students who want more arts offerings and are looking to become more engaged. Arts create personal, emotional connections to school because they’re creating products of their own. All parents are encouraged to attend one of our upcoming informational sessions or call us or visit our website to learn more about our school.”

The Art and Science Academy is located at 903 Sixth Ave. Court NE, Isanti. More information can also be found at www.artscienceacademy.org.