Vivian Carter (McKenney)

Vivian Carter (McKenney)

Vivian Emma Carter (Mckenney), 100, passed away on Memorial Day Monday, May 26, 2014 at Grace Pointe Crossing Gable West in Cambridge.

Vivian was born July 10, 1913 in Spencer Brook Township Minnesota to Guy and Addie Mckenney (Peterson). She was raised in Isanti County along with her 2 brothers and three sisters. She went to an old county school, Spencer Brook and Presket School, and in 8th grade, she went to Walker School. In 1993 she graduated from Princeton High School. She went to Business College and got a degree. Then she worked a couple years as a finance office worker. From 1941 to 1961, she worked at the Honey Well on and off.
In 1954, Vivian got married to a wonderful Italian guy, Sam. (Sam has was in the military for 12 years). In 1965 Vivian and Sam moved to Alaska as a missionary of the Assembly of God and were sponsored by Soul Harbor Church. They lived there for 6 years until they were both tired of the freezing temperatures of 65 to 75 below zero.

In June 1971, Vivian and Sam were invited by their close friend Betty Boett in Arizona. They left Alaska and moved to Arizona , living there for 12 years until Sam died in 1983. Vivian got lonesome, so in 1984, she sold her property in AZ and decided to move back to MN to lived in Dennis house, which is only 2 miles west of Oxlip Church. Vivian went to Oxlip Church along with her cousins and friends: Margaret Mckenney, Evelyn Upgreen, Genie Lumberg, and first cousin-in-law Lilian Madeen Pederson.

Vivian traveled and lived in many, many places. She enjoyed fishing, was a great gardener, wonderful cook, great housekeeper, crochet, seamstress, reading books and Christian magazines, visiting her cousins and friends. She liked warm weather, so she traveled back and forth between Arizona and Minnesota. In the summer time, she flew to MN and spent time with her beloved and only one nephew, Dennis Kresal. 2 years later, Vivian got so excited that finally her nephew found a wonderful Christian woman, Alice, who got married at Oxlip Church in 2004. Vivian sold her apartment in AZ and decided to move back to MN to live with Alice and Dennis for 2 years.

In 2006, Vivian became a resident of “Grace Pointe Crossing Gable West” (formerly Grand View). Vivian was such a blessing to everyone there! She made lots of friends and above all, she shared her faith as a deep highly spiritual person and as a good steward, winning the lost for Christ.

The family of Vivian would like to say, a special Thank you to Dr. Larson, and to all the wonderful nurses and staff at Grace Pointe Crossing Gable West for the past 7 to 8 years Vivian received their kindness, patience, loving, professional care and respect. She will forever be remembered and will missed by so many!

Vivian will be remembered most for her outgoing personality and her way of encouragement, support, love, helping and appreciating others. Most of all, in the adult part of her life, she is not only believed in the historical evidence of God, Jesus Christ and His work on the cross, but she maintained a close relationship with Christ. She has a strong faith, and followed Gods commandments. She has a great gift of witnessing to others and she shared the assurance of salvation to all who will receive and follow Jesus. The Holy Spirit is truly alive in her.
Vivian was preceded in death by her parents, Guy and Addie P. Mckenny, her husband, Sam D. Carter, Brothers: Leon and Leslie, Sisters: Flora, Phyllis and Ona. Vivian is survived by her only one nephew, Dennis and wife Alice Kresal, of Cambridge, MN; and step daughter-in-law, JoAnn Schmiesing, of St. Cloud; and step grandson, Todd and wife Jackie, of Minneapolis, MN; and 3 step great-grandchildren, Isabella, Christian and Vivian who was surely named after step grandma, Vivian.

A memorial service will be held at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at Oxlip Evangelical Free Church with Paster Leroy Scheumann.

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