Get outside and enjoy nature

Dear Editor:

About 30 years ago a Cambridge man and his teen-aged son bicycled from Washington to Minnesota. The following year the pair biked from Minnesota to Maine. Sometime after that the man’s mother came to visit him here in Cambridge. She went out for a bike ride without a helmet, fell, and died … true story.

I taught a “Bicycle Safety” class through Community Education here in the 70s and 80s. We studied bicycle rules-of-the-road, learned how to service our bikes, and went over ways to be safe while riding.

Today in 2014, I am amazed at how few people wear bike helmets. And in this age of technology, can you believe I see bikers without helmets talking on cell phones and even texting … not a safe or a smart idea. Instead, try taking a bike ride on the Cambridge-Isanti Bike Trail or the Sunrise Trail from North Branch to St. Paul and listen to God’s symphony of peepers through the swamplands … or hear the music of black-throated warblers and Canadian geese — without technology. Spring and early summer are glorious times to praise God for the variety of his creation as you bike through watershed areas and grasslands away from busy roads.

So get on your bike, strap on your helmet securely, and breathe in the beauty and sounds of nature. You’d be surprised what’s out there.

I rode the Cambridge-Isanti Trail in April before it opened and there was lots of gravel and leftover winter debris. But on May 1, the gate was opened and someone completely cleaned our trail. Thank you to whoever made our trail beautiful once again.

Dave Johnson