Zumba is back at Total Wellness Coaching

Total Wellness Coaching welcomes Megan Koester to its team of fitness professionals. She will be teaching Zumba every Monday at 6:30 p.m. starting June 1.

She is also teaching a free Zumba class at 5 p.m. Friday, May 30, at TWC, in conjunction with the Allina Community On the Move Campaign. Everyone is welcome.

Megan Koester
Megan Koester

Julie Page, owner of TWC, is thrilled to have Koester on staff for the summer.

“Megan is a hard-working, sweet and encouraging woman,” Koester said. “I had the privilege to coach her in traveling basketball as a middle schooler. It is fun to see how she has continued to grow in her passions of dance, fitness and special education.”

Koester had a love for dance and fitness since she was a little girl. She participated in competition dance for many years and also played traveling basketball. When high school approached, she had to make a decision between the two demanding sports. She chose basketball, but later realized how much she missed dancing, for that is her true passion.

Koester graduated from Cambridge-Isanti High School in 2013 with distinction, and is now attending St. Cloud State University to pursue a degree in special education.

Koester found her love for dance and fitness again while attending Zumba classes with SCSU Group Fitness. She was inspired by Zumba and the Group Fitness instructors at SCSU. Koester decided to get Zumba Fitness and Group Fitness certified in the beginning of 2014, allowing her to start sharing her love for fitness and inspiring others.

To find out more about Zumba and TWC’s other classes, visit www.totalwellnesscoachingmn.com or call 763-237- 3245. Total Wellness Coaching is located at 807 N. Main St., Cambridge.