April 16

Per Minnesota Statutes 375.12 APublication of [email protected]
Meeting held on April 16, 2014.
A detail of the entire minutes are available for public inspection in the Isanti County Administrators Office or by visiting our website at www.co.isanti.mn.us.
Members Present: Chairperson Warring; Commissioners Larson, Morris, Anderson
Members Absent: Vacancy
Others Present: B Guenther, C Caulk, C Rempp, T Anderson, K Minkler, P Messer, M Jensen, K Hansen, M Bostrom, R Heilman, K Engberg, J Rostberg (Reporters: Tatting, Chapman)
o0o Chairperson Warring convened the meeting and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.
o0o Public Comment. There was no public comment.
14/04-22 Larson/Morris to approve the agenda with deleting B-12 and adding E-6 to approve a per diem. Carried.
14/04-23 Morris/Anderson to approve the minutes of the 4-3-2014 Cty Board meeting with the deletion of a duplicate of Motion #14/04-20. Carried.
14.04-24 Morris/Anderson to terminate the Lease Agreement with Riverwood Centers immediately. Carried.
14/04-25 Motion by Larson, seconded by Anderson to approve the following ISANTI COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS RESOLUTION (on file). Carried.
14/04-26 Anderson/Morris to approve the establishment of a Winery Ordinance Task Force (on file). Carried.
14/04-27 Morris/Warring to approve the updated Board Committee List that fills in vacancys left by Commissioner Southerlands passing (list on file in County Administrators office). Carried.
14/04-28 Larson/Anderson to approve the following RESOLUTION-ACCEPTANCE OF DONATIONS TO ISANTI COUNTY (on file). Carried.
14/04-29 Warring/Anderson to approve the following Personnel Committee recommendation (on file). Carried.
14/04-30 Morris/Anderson to increase hours for D Barringer, RN by 4 hours per week to cover an FMLA; further that these extra hours will be up to 12 weeks. Carried.
14/04-31 Anderson/Larson to authorize the Highway Dept to hire 4 seasonal employees at a cost not to exceed the budgeted amount of $17,000. Carried.
14/04-32 Morris/Anderson to authorize Information Technology to hire a Systems Support Specialist no earlier than 7-1-2014. Carried.
14/04-33 Larson/Morris to fill the vacant position of Probation Office Coordinator no earlier than 5-2-2014. Carried.
14/04-34 Larson/Anderson to authorize the Sheriffs department to fill the open sergeant position and all subsequent open positions due to internal promotions to be filled no sooner than 6-3-2014. Carried.
14/04-35 Morris/Anderson to place H Broberg, retired bus driver, on as a very intermittent part time driver to be called in if there is a shortage of drivers or a need. Carried.
14/04-36 Anderson/Morris to approve the American Sign Language Contract; further said funds to come from Canteen Fund. Carried.
14/04-37 Morris/Anderson to approve the purchase by the Sheriffs Department for diving equipment (on file). Carried.
14/04-38 Larson/Anderson to approve the purchase of a laptop (on file). Carried.
14/04-39 Morris/Larson to approve the purchase of a Diagnostic Tool (on file). Carried.
14/04-40 Larson/Morris to accept the resignation/retirement of T Anderson, Zoning Administrator, with regret, eff. 6-16-2014. Carried.
14/04-41 Morris/Larson to approve payment to East Central Sanitation (on file). Carried.
14/04-42 Larson/Anderson to approve a Recycling Facility License to Clarences Recycling. Carried.
14/04-43 Morris/Larson to approve a final plat of Hidden Meadow, located in Stanford Twp. Carried.
14/04-44 Larson/Morris to deny the request of the Planning Commission to change the name to the Isanti County Planning and Zoning Commission. Carried.
14/04-45 Morris/Anderson to approve the recommendation of the Planning Commission for the following members of the Winery Ordinance task force (on file). Carried.
14/04-46 Morris/Anderson to set a public hearing for Wednesday, 5-21-2014 at 9:30 a.m. to consider changes/amendments to the Commercial Wireless Telecommunication Towers and Antennas Ordinance. Carried.
14/04-47 Anderson/Morris to approve a per diem for A Koczur. Carried.
o0o T Anderson, Zoning Administrator, indicated to the Board that the County will continue providing Townships with up to $500 for their annual cleanup days with funds to come from SCORE.
14/04-48 Morris/Larson to accept the retirement/resignation of K Patterson, WIC Clerk, with regrets, eff. 6-18-2014. Carried.
o0o M Jensen, Family Services Fiscal Supervisor, presented his agencys financial report to the Board.
14/04-49 Larson/Anderson to approve the Social Service Canvas Health/Crisis Connection Contract Service Agreement. Carried.
14/04-50 Morris/Larson to approve the Social Service Lighthouse Child & Family Services Contract. Carried.
14/04-51 Larson/Anderson to immediately terminate the following contract and agreement (on file). Carried.
o0o D Green, Executive Director for the Pine Tech College Employment and Training Center, presented their 2013 annual report to the Board.
o0o The Board was advised that the number of Income Maintenance cases as shown by the MAXIS system as of March 31, 2014, was 3,186.
14/04-52 Larson/Anderson to approve Family Services (Social Welfare Actions) and approve the following claims. Carried.
Allina Health Systems 6,467.00
North Homes Inc. 5,908.00
Bridge Group Foster Home/
The 3,534.00
Northwood Childrens Services
Chileda Institute Inc.
People Incorporated 3,863.86
Department of Human Services
PHASE 2,889.17
Foster Care 22,752.40
Pine Technical College
Gerard Academy 3,268.95
Pinehaven Youth & Family Services 2,868.74
Hennepin County Treasurer
Public Assistance 29,756.89
Industries Incorporate
RISE, Inc. 7,265.19
Isanti County Family Services
Steps of Success Group Home
Kidspeace Corporation
Therapeutic Services Agency
Kindred Family Focus
Volunteers of America 4,464.12
MCF-STW 3,808.00
Fifty-two (52) claims less than $2000 were approved totaling $30,031.10
Total Family Services
$ 284,660.54
14/04-53 Larson/Anderson to approve the following claims and warrants. Carried.
Enforcement Lighting 2,035.00
Black Hills Ammunition
Thomson Reuters-West
East Central Sanitation
Gssc 2,272.50
Aviands LLC 4,309.70
Aviands LLC 2,313.60
Aviands LLC 7,423.17
Landworks Construction, Inc.
Wright Express Fleet Services
Economic Development Services 2,601.79 Advanced Correctional Healthcare 12,451.54
Lindberg and McKinnis 2,722.00
Morris Electronics, Inc.
Motorola, Inc. 2,906.92
Beutow 2 Architects, Inc.
Motorola, Inc. 2,926.66
Regents of University of MN
Aviands LLC 3,484.15
Chisago Co. Heartland Express
Xerox Corporation 3,538.67
Kone, Inc. 31,302.50
MCCC, MI 33 3,844.51
Two hundred twenty-six (226) claims less than $2000 were approved totaling $77,130.37
Total Revenue $ 258,120.54
Road and Bridge
Braham/City of 3,750.81
Hansen-County Surveyor/Don E
Cambridge/City of 4,039.42
Federated Co-Ops (Highway)
Little Falls Machine, Inc.
Forty-four (44) claims less than $2000 were approved totaling $16,099.33
Total Road and Bridge
14/04-54 Morris/Larson to approve the Service Agreement-Worksite Wellness, Fitness Class with Cambridge Chiropractic. Carried.
o0o K VanHooser, Cty Administrator, read the following press release (on file).
o0o Mari Bostrom, Emergency Management Director, conducted a Hazard Mitigation Plan Forum (on file).
14/04-55 Anderson/Warring to approve a utility permit to CenturyLink for a fiber optic cable across CR#33. Carried.
14/04-56 Larson/Morris to approve advertising for the 2014 Preservation/Paving Projects. Carried.
14/04-57 Morris/Anderson to approve advertising for project #SP 030-070-004 Chevron Signage. Carried.
14/04-58 Larson/Anderson to approve advertising for project #SP 303-070-005 Wet Reflective Striping. Carried.
o0o R Heilman, Cty Highway Engineer, presented a video entitled Roads and Loads, which describes how spring road restrictions work.
14/04-59 Larson/Anderson to approve the renewal of the consumption and display permit for Gateway Curling Club Inc DBA Cambridge Curling Club. Carried.
14/04-60 Anderson/Larson to approve a contract with L Steinbruckner to work on the Freedom Fest; further that said funds to come from grant monies. Carried.
o0o There were no committee reports.
14/04-61 Larson/Morris to adjourn. Carried.
Kevin VanHooser, County
By: Barbara E Baar,
Deputy County Administrator
Published in the
Isanti County News
May 14, 2014

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