March 17 Mtg

Isanti, Pine, Chisago & Kanabec Counties Monday, March 17, 2014
Braham, MN 55006 7:00 pm – BAHS Community Room
The regular school board meeting was called to order by Chair Steve Eklund at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of
Allegiance was given.
Members present: Steve Eklund, Robert Hughes, Tony Cuda, Zane Braund, Angie Flowers, Allison Londgren,
Mike Thompson, and Supt. Gregory Winter.
Members absent: None.
Motion by M. Thompson second by T. Cuda to adopt the agenda with a change in hours for one of the paraprofessionals
hired from 6.75 to 5.5 hours per day. Carried.
Motion by R. Hughes second by A. Flowers to approve the minutes of the February 24th Regular, March 5th
and March 10th Working school board meetings; approve the March bills, $199,965.42; and accept the February
Treasurer’s report. Carried.
The board reviewed the current enrollment analysis.
Motion by A. Londgren, second by T. Cuda to adopt the following resolution accepting donations:
“BE IT RESOLVED, by the School Board of Independent School District No. 314 that the School Board accepts
with appreciation the following contributions and permits their use as designated by the donors. Carried
Donor Item and/or Amount Purpose
Mike Dennis Memorial $150.00 Braham Chapter of FFA
East Central Energy $10,000.00 Rachel’s Challenge
North Metro Saw Metal Donation $250.00 IT/Vo Ag Program
Arrow Tank Metal Donation $500.00 IT/Vo Ag Program
Braham Napa In-Store Credit $150.00 Power Mech – Super Mileage
Under Open Forum Becky Swanson, SB coach, expressed her thanks to the board for approving the upcoming
Softball spring training trip to Florida. She stated the girls are very excited and she will give a full report at
the April board meeting.
The Student Council written report was reviewed by the board. Tim Malone, Activities Director, added that
SnoDaze week and the dance went well and expressed special thanks to Student Council Advisor Tammi
Johnson for all their hard work.
Elementary Principal Jeff Eklund reviewed his written report. Mr. Eklund stated the March Bomber PRIDE
topic was “Discipline” and thanked Mr. Kotsmith and high school students for the video that was then showed
to the board. MDE did a Title I site review at the elementary school. There are things to work on and improve,
but according to our evaluator we are doing very well. Nomination letters will be sent out in the next 3 – 4 weeks
for the Gifted and Talented 2014-15 program. The bathrooms at the elementary will have new wash stations and
stalls installed over summer vacation.
Activities Director/Asst Principal Tim Malone reviewed his written report, which included a review of recent
activities and upcoming events. Congratulations to our Girls and Boys basketball teams for winning the Conference
Champs position. Most spring sport practices have started. Golf start date has been put off for one week.
Our band and choir students participated in an all day MSHSL large group contest in Rush City on March 13th.
They received an “Excellent” rating. The spring play is “All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”.
Performances are Friday and Saturday, April 4th and 5th at 7 pm and Sunday, April 6th at 2 pm.
High School Principal Justin Sawyer reviewed his written report, which included MCA testing that will be
before the next board meeting. Work Skills Challenge Day and Gold Collar Career Day were attended by many
of our students. Austin Johnson and Justin Gutzkow received 3rd place in the categories they participated in at
Work Skills Challenge Day. The third round of teacher evaluations is underway. There are many exciting events
to look forward to: HS Band concert on April 29; Academic Awards Night on May 8th; 7th and 8th grade Band
& Choir concerts are May 12th; Jazz/Echelon Concert is May 16th and Graduation is May 30th.
District Assessment Coordinator Tracy Fix had no report this month.
Community Education Director Cheryl Arnold reviewed her written report. The next CE Advisory committee
meeting is April 24th. Early Childhood Screening was held on February 27th. There were 30 children screened
that day. The Early Childhood Family Education program had their 12th Annual Beach Bash which was very
successful with about 65 parents and students in attendance. CE adult and youth classes are underway. Pre-
School Open House will be on Thursday, April 10th. Packets for registration in that program will be available
March 27.
Sup’t. Winter’s report to the board included updates for ECMECC and the Regional SEE meetings. ECMECC
will begin updating ITV rooms this summer now that the RUS/DLT grant has been awarded. At the Regional SEE
mtg there was continued discussion about the “Donut Hole Legislation” for outstate schools with enrollments
of 1000-2000. There will probably not be any funding for teacher evaluations in 2014-15. Sup’t. Winter attended
the RRSEC Governance meeting where there was continued discussion about the RRN facility in Milaca.
Board members reported on individual meetings and activities attended. Zane Braund, Angie Flowers, Tony
Cuda were at the new Braham Community Center during the past month besides other committee meetings
and games. All three commented on the nice facility. Coordinators at the Community Center were encouraged
to contact Community Ed as a school connection. Mike Thompson was at the RRSEC meeting in Milaca. At the
Governance meeting they voted to proceed with building a new facility to meet the needs at Rum River North.
The facility will be financed through Milaca School District with one quarter of the building being designated
for use by RRN. The facility will most likely be built on the current site. There will be more information at an
upcoming school board meeting.
Motion by A. Flowers, second by R. Hughes to accept the resignation of Kathy Olson, Elementary School
Media Center secretary effective at the end of the 2013-14 school year. Kathy has worked in the district since
October 1997. Carried
Motion by M. Thompson, second by A. Londgren to accept the letter of retirement submitted by Joan Burke,
Elementary Third Grade Teacher. Ms. Burke has taught at the BAES since November 1981. Carried.
Motion by R. Hughes, second by T. Cuda to accept the following:
recommendation by High School Principal, Justin Sawyer to hire Cindy Broman as a long-term Substitute
Paraprofessional for Edie Kaunonen’s absence. Ms. Broman’s start date was January 23rd through approximately
March 10th, 2014. Ms. Broman was placed on Step 1 of the Paraprofessional contract.
recommendation by District Head Custodian, Jeff Campbell to move Brad Johnson to the 10 a.m. to 6:30
p.m. cleaner/sweeper position at the high school. Mr. Johnson’s changed hours began March 10, 2014. He will
continue at Step 1 of the cleaner/sweeper lane of the Custodian/Groundskeeper contract.
recommendation by Elementary Principal, Jeff Eklund to hire Lucy Pinataro as a 1:1 Paraprofessional for
6.75 hours per day. Mrs. Pinataro will start at Step 1 of the Secretary/Para contract. Her start date was March
13, 2014.
recommendation by Elementary Principal, Jeff Eklund to hire Kelly Monson as a 1:1 Paraprofessional for 5.5
hours per day. Ms. Monson will start at Step 1 of the Secretary/Para contract. Her start date was March 13,
2014. Carried
Motion by A. Londgren, second by M. Thompson to accept the following “C” Schedule hiring recommendations
made by Tim Malone, Activities Director: Juanita Worthley as the Academic Bowl Advisor. Ms. Worthley
will be placed on Step 1 of the “C” Schedule. and, Kendell Proell as the Junior High Track Coach. Mr. Proell will
be placed on step 1 of the “C” schedule. Carried
Motion by R. Hughes, second by A. Flowers to approve the 2013-2015 Secretary/Paraprofessional and Custodian/
Groundskeeper contracts, as tentatively agreed to by the school board negotiation committees. Both
SEIU Local #284 units have met and approved the contracts. Carried. Chair Eklund thanked the board members
for their work on these union contracts.
Motion by T. Cuda, second by A. Flowers to authorize the calling/advertising for bids for student transportation/
bus services for the school district for the 2014-2015 and the 2015-2016 school years. Carried. The legal
notice will be placed in the Isanti County News on 3/26/14 and 4/2/14 issues.
Board Members Steven Eklund, Allison Londgren and Mike Thompson volunteered to hand out diplomas at
the 2014 Graduation Ceremony to on Friday, May 30, 2014 at 7 p.m. Board Chair Steven Eklund will “accept”
the graduating class.
Chair Eklund reminded all present that the Regular April school board meeting is set for Monday, April 28th,
at 7:00 pm, BAHS Community Room.
Motion by A. Londgren, second by A. Flowers to adjourn at 7:38 p.m. Carried
Zane Braund, Clerk Attest: Steve Eklund, Chair
Published in the ISANTI COUNTY NEWS, May 7, 2014. 216138.

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