Ukrainian Orthodox priest to speak at Oxlip Evangelical Free Church on Sunday, May 4

On Sunday, May 4, Fr. Nicolay Ilnytsky, a Ukrainian Orthodox priest from Kiev, Ukraine, will speak at the morning services at Oxlip Evangelical Free Church.

Ilnytsky will speak at the morning worship services at 8 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. There will be an open forum during the adult Sunday School hour at 9:30 a.m.

Fr. Nicolay Ilnytsky
Fr. Nicolay Ilnytsky

Ilnytsky was born in western Ukraine in September 1976. He graduated from Lutska theological seminary in 1998 and thenĀ  in 2007 he finished Kyiv theology academia. He grew up in the church and was involved as an acolyte from an early age. When he was 13; however, Nicolay felt the call to be a priest. His faith has been a gradual understanding of his need for a Savior so he does not remember an exact time when he believed and accepted Him for himself in a personal way.

Upon moving to the suburbs of Kiev, to a small town called Kotzubinka, Nicolay began to build a small body of believers who did not have a church. They met in a trailer for three years and it was then in 2003 that the agreement to lease the Logos center, a ministry of the Evangelical Free Church of America, long term was signed.

From 2003 until the present, Nicolay has been tirelessly working on renovations and increased holistic ministries together with his Logos team, to grow the community into a healthy community of believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

In 2012, he along with three other professionals from varying medical backgrounds, founded the Association for Christian Nurses and Volunteers-Welfare organization and from the Logos center there is quarterly training for nurses and volunteers the art of caring. The members receive valuable training and then return to their oblasts (states) and put the information into practice.

Also, in 2013, a dream of helping the homeless was brought to light when a large tent was given to the Logos center and in it lives to this day 6-12 homeless men recovering from alcohol addiction. It is the dream of the Logos center board, that very soon the building for this soup kitchen-rehab center can be finished so that the men can live in the building and receive the necessary chance to move on in their lives … with Jesus.

Mary Martin, parish nurse at Oxlip, has traveled to Kiev to work with Nicolay and the Logos Center. The Logos Center is a cooperative ministry operated in conjunction with the Evangelical Free Church and Ilnytsky.

Oxlip is located at 4770 Co. R. 5 NW, Isanti. Call 763-444-5134 for further information.