March 20

School Board Meeting Minutes March 20, 2014
Education Center 7pm
Regular School Board Meeting with Cambridge-Isanti School District on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. held at the Education Center in Room 121A and B with Board Chair Tim Hitchings; members, Gary Hawkins, Mike Streiff, Lynn Wedlund, Darcy Winsor, Heidi Sprandel and Jenni Caulk; Superintendent, Dr. Ray Queener, Director of Finance, Robyn Vosberg-Torgerson, Student Representative Mitchell Ziebarth and Executive Administrative Assistant Kimberly Cheney. Absent: Director of Teaching and Learning, Tim Truebenbach. All members present for conduct of valid business.
Pledge of allegiance was said by all.
Motion made by Darcy Winsor, seconded by Gary Hawkins to approve agenda. Motion carried unanimously.
Dr. Ray Queener shared with the board 2 donations:
1) Anonymous for $500 for CIHS band, choir and math team
2) ExxonMobil $500 to IMS Science Program and MNC STEAM initiative. A thank you will be sent from Dr. Queener.
Mayor of Isanti, George Wimmer, shared with the board the State of the City of Isanti. He talked about the changes they have experienced over the past years and presented different statistics of budget and community growth that is happening now. He expressed how Isanti is looking to partnership with local organizations and District 911 to provide learning opportunities for our students.
School Board Showcase given by CIHS Commentary by Mitch Clausen and Charles Kieffer
– Presentation on project Lead The Way — Engineering part of STEM
Education Starts Here No Items
Mitchell Ziebarth shared with the School Board up to date results from CIHS student Academics/Athletics and upcoming events. Congratulations to CIHS who has 14 gold standard teams with year with GPA of 3.5-4.0.
Oak Land Cooperative Center has switched auditors to MMKR which is the same one as Cambridge-Isanti School District. They swore in 2 new board members 1) St. Francis 2) Princeton and are also negotiating the ALC Directors contract and evaluation.
Dr. Ray Queener shared with the School Board updates for the past month within Cambridge-Isanti Schools. He attended Awards night at CIHS along with 800 others in attendance. Four hundred fifty five 10-12th graders are at a 3.33 GPA or higher. Twenty four Freshmen have consistently kept a 4.0 GPA for the first 2 trimesters. Ray did a SuperSwitch in Carrie Christensons class at CPS and next week will be doing one in Bill Glasers class at CMS. He expressed the success we have had so far with the Strategic Planning and the Action Plan Kickoff. There has been a lot of great response and comments shared amongst the teams of excitement and support felt throughout our staff and communities.
Dr. Ray Queener recommended to the board the draft implementation of Policy #534 Service Animals in Schools. He gave a brief description of guidelines and what the policy was for. With the approval of this policy the School Board would also need to approve the revision of Policy #422 Policies Incorporated by Reference with the addition of Service Animals in Schools added. The School Board will take action at next scheduled board meeting.
Motion made by Jenni Caulk, seconded by Heidi Sprandel, to approve the consent agenda with the Personnel Action considered a separate item. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Tim Hitchings, to approve Personnel Action on agenda as listed. Motion carried. Jenni Caulk abstained from voting.
Motion made by Darcy Winsor, seconded by Jenni Caulk, to approve the Treasurers Report subject to audit. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Mike Streiff, to approve the revised 2013-2014 school calendar as follows:
– Three days (June 2, 3 and 4) scheduled into the calendar in which seniors will complete a portfolio project developed by administration to fulfill 18 hours needed to meet state statute for graduation Contingencies for additional days (if needed):
– June 5 will serve a student contact day
– April 18 will serve as a student contact day (April 18 is identified as a paid holiday for many groups and a Memorandum of Understanding would need to be agreed upon
– Year-Round programs do not presently owe any makeup days. If needed, April 22 will serve as the Year-Round Program student contact day.
Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Darcy Winsor to approve the traditional and year round calendars for 2014-2015. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Jenni Caulk to approve the negotiated Cambridge-Isanti School Bus Driver Contract for 2013-2015. Motion carried unanimously.
Robin Vosberg-Torgerson recommended an approval of the proposed 2013-2014 budget revisions for Building Construction, Internal Service, ECMECC and Community Education. Motion made by Mike Streiff, seconded by Lynn Wedlund to approve the revised budget for 2013-2014 school year. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Darcy Winsor, seconded by Jenni Caulk, to postpone definitely to our April 24, 2014 School Board meeting, the approval of the 2014 Playground Surfacing Award of Cambridge Primary and Intermediate Schools. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Heidi Sprandel, to approve the recommended budget assumptions and parameters for 2014-2015 preliminary budget. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion was made for adjournment by Jenni Caulk, seconded by Heidi Sprandel. Motion carried unanimously and meeting was adjourned at 8:39 p.m.
School Board Clerk
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Isanti County News
April 30, 2014

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