Dog passes away after falling through the ice

After an incident on Blue Lake on Monday, April 21, the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office is reminding everyone to keep themselves and their animals off of what is left of the ice.

According to a press release by the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office, at 8:10 a.m. Isanti County Safety and Rescue and deputies were dispatched to Blue Lake in rural Isanti County for a dog that fell through the ice in the middle of the lake.

Upon arrival, deputies met with the complainant who showed them where the dog was. They could see the dog poke his head up, struggle on the ice and then fall back in. Deputies then went over to the public access.

Officers on the scene advised Safety Rescue they needed to act quickly in order to rescue the dog and directed them to the public access. While waiting for safety rescue to arrive, officers no longer could see the dog poke his head out of the water.

Safety and Rescue arrived and deployed their raft boat and Gumby suits. Officers observed Safety and Rescue members go out to where the dog was and fall through the ice several times. They then reached the dog and pulled his body into the boat. It took a while for them to return back to shore, but officers did not see any movement from the dog in the boat. Once they reached shore, they advised the dog had passed away.

Safety and Rescue was able to deploy their rapid deployment craft in situations like this, but obviously too much time had passed and they could not get out to the dog in time.