CMC outlines Top 10 priorities

When Gary Shaw joined Cambridge Medical Center as its president about one year ago, he said he came to an organization within Allina Health that was already patient-focused and was charged with fine-tuning its mission.

Since 2012, Cambridge Medical Center has been better than average for Allina Health hospitals, as well as the state average, in regard to potentially preventable readmission rates.
Since 2012, Cambridge Medical Center has been better than average for Allina Health hospitals, as well as the state average, in regard to potentially preventable readmission rates.

“I’ve been in health care more than 30 years, and when I joined Allina, I knew I was coming to an organization that was focused and working to fine-tune its delivery of services,” Shaw said. “Soon after I joined Allina, it instituted four health care improvements; a design of actions focused on the community and better serving our patients.”

Shaw explained Allina Health prioritized four goals it hopes to accomplish by 2016:

  • Better care-experience for individuals. By 2016, CMC will be in the greater 70th percentile as related to national-community benchmarks in measures of patient experience.
  • Better health for the population. By 2016, Allina Health will measurably improve the health index in the communities it serves.
  • Reduce per capita costs of care for populations. By 2016, Allina Health’s risk adjusted total cost of care will be less than mid-market cost.
  • Organizational vitality. By 2016, Allina Health’s engaged workforce will profitably manage a growing population of 300,000 members under outcomes based revenue.

Shaw explained in May a leadership team met to identify a plan and objectives for CMC from 2014-16.

The leadership team was comprised of community members, community engagement members, customers, highest performing staff members, CMC Foundation board members, CMC board members, physicians, nursing staff and the CMC leadership team.

Shaw said the group created 117 objectives but narrowed it down to 10. Shaw said beginning in January, there was funding in the budget to start working on these objectives.

The top 10 priorities include:

  • Medication reconciliation within 24 hours of admission on 100 percent of medical-peds patients.
  • Plan for clinic expansion and capital funding.
  • Implementation of service culture utilizing healing environment guidelines and healing arts program.
  • Complete 500 community health risk assessments with 15 area employers.
  • Prevent readmissions by improving primary care physician access for discharged patients within three to five days of discharge.
  • Assess, reduce services and programs that do not add value to patient care services.
  • Expand general and specialty surgery by optimizing current surgical providers, recruiting new providers and expanding regional partnerships.
  • Identify tele-health opportunity for hospital pilot program.
  • Meet or exceed OB service line quality, service and care model goals.
  • Every department will develop or implement an employee engagement plan aimed at building engagement among staff and physicians.

Shaw said it’s important for CMC to be a part of the community.

“The hospital is just walls; it’s the people in the community who make it do what it needs to do to treat all of us in the community. The hospital is the community,” Shaw said. “We are the largest employer in the community, and we want to make sure we are giving back to the community and providing the best services possible.”

Shaw, who joined CMC after most recently working in Alaska, has enjoyed his first year as president of CMC.

“The Cambridge community has welcomed my wife and I with open arms,” Shaw said. “We’ve had a fun time getting to know the local area, as well as the Twin Cities area. The medical staff and hospital staff at Cambridge Medical Center are the best people I’ve ever worked with. Their values exceed everything you can imagine. This community needs to know you have the best providers you can hope to have, and are getting the best care experience you can from a medical center. This is really a great place to be.”