Southerland made a difference in Braham

Dear Editor:

It was a privilege and an honor to host the celebration of life service for Larry Southerland in the Braham Area Community Center (BACC).

Larry served as a BACC task force member, freely sharing his expertise and ideas, while influencing others to join and support our cause — to build a needed community center. In addition he was responsible for procuring Link Site library services in our designated library space. With this new title, our scheduled time increased from one hour every two weeks, to four hours weekly. Plus, Tim Olson, our librarian, brings new selections weekly, not what’s left over after other drop site users have rummaged through the tubs of materials. He was a true and dedicated friend to the city of Braham.

Alice Studt, on behalf of Tusen Tack, BACC task force members,  present and past