February 20

School Board Meeting Minutes Thursday,
February 20, 2014
Education Center
7:00 p.m.
Regular School Board Meeting with Cambridge-Isanti School District on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. held at the Education Center in Room 121A and B with Board Chair Tim Hitchings; members. Gary Hawkins, Mike Straff, Lynn Wedlund, Darcy Winsor, Heidi Sprandel and Jenni Caulk; Superintendent, Dr. Ray Queener, Director of Teaching and Learning, Tim Truebenbach, Student Representative Mitchell Ziebarth and Executive Administrative Assistant Kimberly Cheney. Absent: Director of Finance, Robyn Vosberg-Torgerson. All members present for conduct of valid business.
Pledge of allegiance was said by all.
Motion made by Darcy Winsor, seconded by Gary Hawkins to approve agenda. Motion carried unanimously.
Dr. Ray Queener shared with the board, a donation which was given by the Cambridge Public Library in collaboration with MN Youth Book Award of $100.00 each going to IIS and CIS to use for purchasing books.
Maria Gleason, CIS grade 4, along with two other students, shared with the school board her desire for getting Art back into our schools. She read her letter to the board and shared her vision of why Art is so important.
School Board Showcase given by CIS – Commentary by Scott Peterson, Principal.
Tim Truebenbach gave a detailed update on the Strategic Planning session held on February 6 -8. Twenty six individuals from staff and community participated with leadership coming from John Messelt who is part of The Cambrian Group. Five participants spoke on their experience saying the collaboration between students, staff, administration, parents and community was excellent. The next step is to form action teams of 20-25 volunteers. Information is located on the district website.
Mr. Truebenbach, along with the Teacher Union Co-Presidents, Jim Godfrey and Carol Hazard, gave a brief presentation on the Teacher Evaluation system and the success it has been having. Agreements on language and items were arrived at using a Consensus Scale. Mr. Truebenbach noted the collaboration between all involved has lead to a successful process.
Mr. Truebenbach also shared with the board, a draft of the 2014-2015 School Calendars for Traditional and Year Round for a 1st reading. A survey was done with almost 800 participating in the traditional calendar survey and 100 in the year round calendar survey. He pointed out the significant dates and suggested the calendars presented be considered.
Each Committee/Administrative Report was given from Board members and Department Administrators on prior activities and those coming up in the next month. Special recognition was given to girls gymnastics for making it to state competition which will be held on Friday, February 21 ; to the boys wrestling team who are heading to tournament lo qualify lor individuals state competition: and Math League competition at CIHS was a great success moving forward undefeated. There will be a send off for the Math League state competition on March 3 at CIHS.
Dr. Ray Queener shared his Superintendents Report with the board expressing the great successes weve had this past month within our district.
Motion made by Jenni Caulk, seconded by Gary Hawkins, to approve the Consent Agenda with a revised Personnel Action. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Tim Hitchings, to approve the Treasurers Report subject to audit. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Darcy Winsor, seconded by Heidi Sprandel, to approve the Washington D.C. trip for IMS/MNC 7th and 8th grade students. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Jenni Caulk, seconded by Heidi Sprandel to approve April 21st as a student contact day; Option E: Place 3 days on calendar for seniors – June 2, 3 and 4 and direct administration to develop a senior portfolio project that would encompass 18 hours bringing detail back to the board for approval; and if needed, the next weather/snow make up day would be having March 11 as a student contact day moving the staff development day to March 10. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Mike Streiff, to approve the addition to School Board Meeting Schedule, a Special Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. for Action on Construction Bids. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Heidi Sprandel, to approve a Board Study Session scheduled for Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at conclusion of Special School Board Meeting to discuss the 2014-2015 Preliminary Budget. Motion carried unanimously.
The following Resolution Awarding The Sale, Determining The Form And Details, Authorizing The Execution, Delivery, And Registration, And Providing For The Payment of $9,565,000 General Obligation School Building Bonds, Series 2014A was introduced and adopted by Mike Streiff, seconded by Gary Hawkins. Roll Call Vote was taken as follows: Darcy Winsor, Yes; Lynn Wedlund, Yes; Mike Streiff, Yes; Gary Hawkins, Yes; Tim Hitchings, Yes; Heidi Sprandel, Yes; Jenni Caulk, Yes. Those opposing, None. Resolution was approved and adopted at 8:47 p.m.
Dr. Ray Queener recognized each School Board member in honor School Board Recognition Week and spoke of their dedicated service and leadership with District 911. He thanked them and presented each member with a certificate of appreciation for their time and service.
Motion was made for adjournment by Jenni Caulk, seconded by Heidi Sprandel. Motion carried unanimously and meeting was adjourned at 8:51 p.m.
School Board Clerk
Published in the
Isanti County News
March 26, 2014

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