‘Sweet memories’ from Herman’s Bakery

Dear Editor:

Mother was eating very little the last couple of months of her life. I’d come for tea Saturday and Sunday mornings, and the oatmeal raisin cookies dad loved weren’t as appealing to her. Thinking back to what was a special treat, we recalled that she loved glazed raised doughnuts.

When asked if she would like a raised doughnut, her eyes sparkled and she replied, “oh yes.” So on Christmas Day when our daughter came up to visit grandma, she brought a box of doughnuts for teatime. We watched in amazement as mother finished the whole sweet sticky, puffy ring of deliciousness.

Thereafter, on January Saturday mornings, I’d make a stop at Herman’s Bakery in Cambridge and pick up enough for tea on Sunday as well. The second weekend in February, she was only able to eat a portion of one with a few sips of her favorite Canadian Red Rose tea.

So thank you, Lois and Herman, for accommodating our request for raised doughnut holes to serve at her luncheon, making mother’s memorial celebration extra special.

Carol Sperry