Remember, click it or ticket

Dear Editor:

Year after year, Isanti County teens and young adults are at risk on the road because they are less likely to buckle up.

We ask all in our community, especially parents, teachers, coaches, employers and others with contact and influence on teens and young adults, to insist on seat belt use and lead by action.

Our group works to develop local solutions to traffic issues from multiple approaches, including enforcement, engineering, education and more. Yet the cause of, and solution to, many traffic crashes — human behavior — is the most challenging to address.

Drivers and their passengers have the most control over their safety through their choices and actions. And they have the most effective and simplest tool to prevent their death or injury in a crash: seat belts.

If we all address this issue, we can spare our community, families and businesses from suffering  preventable deaths and life-altering injuries that take such a dramatic toll on all our lives and resources. Please buckle up. Remember, click it or ticket.

Robert Bollenbeck

Isanti County Toward Zero Deaths Program