Direct care professionals receive extensive training

Dear Editor:

I too have concerns with the Minnesota Specialty Health System treatment facilities in Cambridge but for additional reasons expressed by Mr. Schommer (Concerns with treatment facility, Isanti County News, March 5, 2014).

As background I was a State of Minnesota employee and had the honor of working with some of the direct care professionals employed at the two treatment sites. These direct care professionals receive training in the areas of crisis management, behavior management and many other positive strategies. And yes, staffs are trained in the use of physical management but approval for the use of any procedure is dictated by a person’s treatment plan and in this case, a very dense layer of supervisors, behavior analysts, Ph.D.s, etc.

What I am pointing out is the direct care professionals have the training, day to day knowledge, longevity and passion and will work in a professional manner to maintain safety inside and outside of the homes. This is their career. I know Mr. Shommer and the other neighbors have a right and reason for concern. But don’t be angry at the direct care professionals. Human service is a hard gig.

Frances Weber