Per Minnesota Statutes 375.12 Publication of Proceeding’s.
Meeting held on February 19, 2014
A detail of the entire minutes are available for public inspection in the Isanti Cty Administrator’s Office or by visiting our website at
Members Present: Chairperson Warring; Commissioners Larson, Southerland, Morris, Anderson
Members Absent: None
Others Present: R Heilman, Dr Q Stroble, G Alberts, T Anderson, J Edblad, C Struss, D Hansen, M Hansen, K Minkler, B Guenther, K Hansen (reporters: Tatting, Chapman)
o0o Public Comment Period. There was no public comment.
o0o Mike Warring, Cty Board Chairperson convened the meeting and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.
14/02-37 Southerland/Larson to approve the agenda with no additions. Carried.
14/02-38 Morris/Larson to approve the minutes of the 2-5-2014 Cty Board meeting with a clariication from the Auditor/Treasurers Of- fice on resolution 14/02-27 regarding the section number. Carried.
14/02-39 Southerland/Anderson to approve the following Personnel Committee recommendation (on file). Carried.
14/02-40 Southerland/Anderson to approve the following Personnel Committee recommendation (on file). Carried.
14/02-41 Anderson/Southerland to approve the following Personnel Committee recommendation (on file). Carried.
14/02-42 Morris/Larson to table the Personnel Committee recommendation regarding the filling of the Public Health Director vacancy to
the 2-24-2014 Committee of the Whole, for discussion only. Carried.
14/02-43 Larson/Southerland to approve the following Resolution-Rental Rehabilitation Deferred Loan Program (on file). Carried.
14/02-44 Larson/Southerland to appoint S Morris as the temporary representative on the Historical Society for the remainder of 2014,
due to Commissioner Warring’s commitments as Cty Board Chair. Carried.
14/02-45 Larson/Morris to delete the agenda item # B-6 appointment of an alternate Commissioner Representative to the Riverwood Center’s Board. Carried.
14/02-46 Southerland/Anderson to approve the following utility permit (on file). Carried.
14/02-47 Larson/Southerland to approve the following right of way payments for C.P. 12-C-45-301 (on file). Carried.
14/02-48 Southerland/Larson to accept the retirement of J Schleicher, Senior Assistant Cty Hwy Engineer, with regret, eff 4-30-2014
14/02-49 Morris/Anderson to approve the following Personnel Committee Recommendation (on file). Carried.
o0o Dr. Quinn Strobl, Isanti Cty chief Medical Examiner presented the 2013 Isanti Cty Medical Examiners Annual Report.
14/02-50 Larson/Morris to enter into an Agreement with Buetow2 Architects, Inc for the Dispatch Center Project. Carried.
14/02-51 Larson/Southerland to approve Commissioner Morris’ per diem and mileage for the 12- 30-2013 Special Cty Board Meeting. Carried.
14/02-52 Warring/Southerland to approve the following claims and warrants:
Advanced Correctional Healthcare 12,450.99 Kone, Inc. 7,246.46
American Solutions for Business 5,212.01 Kone, Inc. 15,927.50
Applied Concepts, Inc. 2,912.50 Laacke & Joys Co. 3,108.00
Association of MN Counties 14,048.00 Landworks Construction, Inc. 4,752.50
A’viands LLC 3,537.60 Madden Galanter Hansen LLP 5,575.20
A’viands LLC 5,321.92 Miller/Richard John 3,492.00
A’viands LLC 6,417.70 MN Counties Intergov’tal Trust 429,641.00
A’viands LLC 7,989.57 MN Equipment Solutions 2,781.13
Cambridge Medical Center 3,403.75 Morris Electronics, Inc. 13,109.10
Centurylink 7,619.48 Motorola, Inc. 2,926.66
Champ Software, Inc. 15,615.63 Motorola, Inc. 5,813.84
Champ Software, Inc. 18,725.59 Reliance Telephone Systems 2,000.00
Coldwater Software, Inc. 12,288.75 St. Louis & Lake Counties 6,250.00
Coldwater Software, Inc. 22,257.50 Thomas Reuters-West 2,322.50
Community Health Info Collab 2,340.00 Thomson Reuters-West 2,041.24
Dalco 5,992.53 TriMinSystem, Inc. 2,107.04
East Central Sanitation 4,200.00 U.S Postal Service (Halser) 10,000.00
Economic Development Services 2,326.51 Uniforms Unlimited Inc. 2,105.80
Enforcement Lighting 16,215.00 Washington Cty Financial Svcs 5,653.44
Enterprise FM Trust 2,115.88 Watson Company 2,232.81
GSSC 5,270.64 Wright Express Fleet Services 11,679.43
Hansen-Cty Surveyor/Don E 3,039.00 Xerox Corporation 3,324.70
Hansen-Cty Surveyor/Don E 5,945.00 Ziegler, Inc. 6,417.66
Inside Outside Architecture, Inc. 2,734.00 Zoll Medical Corporation 8,445.63
Two hundred forty-seven (247) claims less than $2000 were approved totaling $93,311.93
Total Revenue $ 840,245.12
Road and Bridge
Cambridge Truck & Auto Rpr 10,622.29 North American Salt Company 4,142.73
Federated Co-Ops (Highway) 26,980.74 North American Salt Company 31,996.06
Federated Co-Ops (Highway) 37,213.85 North American Salt Company 59,010.66
Kris Engineering, Inc. 3,146.15 Royal Tire, Inc. 3,448.00
Morris Electronics, Inc. 5,569.52 Truck Utilities, Inc. 89,677.00
North American Salt Company 2,023.44
Thirty-two (32) claims less than $2000 were approved totaling $10,034.14
Total Road and Bridge $ 283,864.58
Green Lake Improvement District
MN Counties Intergov’tal Trust 2,814.00
Total Green Lake Improvement District $ 2,814.00
14/02-53 Southerland/Anderson to approve payment to East Central Sanitation (on file). Carried.
14/02-54 Southerland/Larson to approve payment to Stanchfield Twp. (on file). Carried.
14/02-55 Anderson/Larson to set a Public Hearing on Wednesday, 3-19-2014 (on file). Carried.
14/02-56 Larson/Morris to approve a 2014 Waste Hauler License to National Recycling, Inc.
14/02-57 Southerland/Larson to approve the following 2014 Recycling Facility License (on file).
14/02-58 Morris/Southerland to amend the Joint Powers Agreement for the East Central Drug
and Violent Offender Task Force (on filel). Carried.
14/02-59 Southerland/Anderson to accept the following donations to Isanti Cty (on file). Carried.
14/02-60 Larson/Anderson to approve the following budget carryovers (on file). Carried.
14/02-61 Larson/Southerland to approve the following budget supplemental appropriations (on file).
o0o D Hansen, Cty Surveyor and M Hansen, Deputy Cty Surveyor presented information to the Board regarding parcel mapping.
14/02-62 Southerland/Larson to ratify the promotion of B Dowd from Dispatcher to Comm.
Sergeant, eff 2-20-2014. Carried.
14/02-63 Morris/Southerland to ratify full time status for L Hopkins, Corr. Officer, eff 2-18-2014. Carried.
14/02-64 Southerland/Larson to approve mileage reimbursement for N Anderson and J Schleicher. Carried.
14/02-65 Larson/Southerland to approve a consumption and display permit for R Knowles, dba the Brass Rail. Carried.
14/02-66 Southerland/Anderson to accept the resignation with regret of K Studnek, Social Worker, eff 2-21-2014. Carried.
14/02-67 Morris/Anderson to ratify the hire of T Mendiola, Office Support Specialist, eff 3-6-2014.
14/02-68 Anderson/Morris to approve the contract between Isanti Cty Family Services and the School District of Cambridge/Isanti Public Schools and Braham Area Schools. Carried.
o0o The Board was advised that the number of Income Maintenance cases as shown by the MAXIS system as of January 31, 2014, was 3,152.
14/02-69 Larson/Southerland to approve Family Services (Social Welfare Actions) and approve the following claims. Carried.
Allina Health Systems 6,467.00 Northwood Children’s Services 21,744.20
Anoka Cty Juvenile Center 93,885.00 Olson Funeral Chapel 2,000.00
Bridge Group Foster Home/ The 3,534.00 PATH 3,055.84
Chileda Institute Inc 10,992.29 People Incorporated 5,012.23
Department of Human Services 19,372.32 Phase 5,771.10
Foster Care 29,251.51 Pine Technical College 11,605.01
Gerard Academy 3,268.95 Pinehaven Youth & Family Services 5,726.48
Grandstrand Funeral Home Inc 2,000.00 Public Assistance 38,596.95
Health Partners 3,176.84 Riverwood Centers 18,837.91
Health Partners <65 4,390.40 Saint Peter RTC-472 2,806.90
Industries Incorporated 9,178.66 Social Services 12,371.46
Isanti Cty Attorney 42,975.00 Spee-Dee 2,437.52
Isanti Cty Auditor-Treasurer 54,339.66 Steps of Success Group Home 4,655.28
Kidspeace Corporation 17,561.50 Therapeutic Services Agency Inc 37,973.77
MCF-ST 4,092.00 Volunteers of America 9,512.36
Medica >65 5,863.20 Woodland Hills 7,265.47
Methven Funeral Homes 2,000.00 Xerox Corporation 2,729.20
MSOP-MN Sex Off Prog-462 3,943.20 Youth Services International Inc 6,480.60
North Homes Inc 9,065.64
Sixty (60) claims less than $2000 were approved totaling $33,960.23
Total Family Services $557,899.68
14/02-70 Anderson/Morris to adjourn (10:45 a.m.). Carried.
Kevin VanHooser, Cty Administrator
By: Barbara E Baar, Deputy Cty Administrator
Published in the Isanti County News, March 12, 2014, 187639

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