Join the Action: District 911 planning its future

Dear Editor:

We need you. The foundation has been set for the next phase of strategic planning for District 911 Schools. On Feb. 6-8, 25 strategic planning team members from the communities met for the first planning session. During this session the team identified beliefs, a mission, parameters, objectives and strategies that will help guide the time, energy and resources of the district so they are used to the fullest advantage for students.

The next phase of strategic planning involves developing a plan of action for each of the nine strategies identified by the planning team. These plans will initiate action that will bring the aspirations of the district into reality. You are invited to join the process by volunteering on an action team. The dedication of our communities and the support of each volunteer is vitally important to this process — and much appreciated.

As an action team volunteer you will partner with leaders, students, parents, teachers and members of our communities for this exciting opportunity to direct the steps of District 911 for the next 3-5 years. This is a wonderful occasion for all who have an investment and an interest in education, in students, and in our local schools.

The first required meeting will be on the evening of March 18 at Cambridge-Isanti High School. As a member of an action team you would be committing to 30-40 hours of planning time (over a 4-month time span) and committing to positively contribute to the future of District 911.

Please view the strategic planning website to learn more about what District 911 is doing to set the course for its future and to access an action team application form. Director of Teaching and Learning, Tim Truebenbach, is District 911’s internal facilitator for this process. Please email him with questions at [email protected] You can also call the District Office at 763-689-6188 for more information.

District 911

Cambridge-Isanti School District