Isanti mayor encourages residents to get involved in school strategic planning

Isanti Mayor George Wimmer was involved with the drafting of District 911’s beliefs, mission, parameters, objectives and strategies, and now wants other community members to get involved.

During the March 4 Isanti City Council meeting, District 911 Superintendent Ray Queener, and Director of Teaching and Learning Tim Truebenbach, explained the district is going through a strategic planning process. Wimmer was a part of the initial planning sessions Feb. 6-8 as part of the strategic planning team.

Queener and Truebenbach explained, during those sessions, the team created a draft document that outlined nine strategies for the district. The next step is for the district to create nine action teams for each one of those strategies, composed of 20-25 community members per action team.

Members of an action team would be committed to 30-40 hours of planning time over a four-month period. The initial meeting of the actions teams is 7 p.m. March 18 at Cambridge-Isanti High School.

A document outlining the nine strategies, along with an application to become part of an action team, can be found on the district’s website at by clicking on the “Strategic Planning” link on the left side of the page.

Wimmer said the strategic planning process allows city of Isanti residents to become more involved with the school district.

“As we look at the Cambridge-Isanti School District, we need to view this as one community,” Wimmer said. “It’s time for our portion of the community to get involved with this strategic planning process. If we don’t have city residents involved on these action teams, we don’t have anyone to blame but ourselves. I try to be involved with the district as much as I can, but now we need everyone to step up and not let this opportunity pass us up. I really encourage our community to participate in this and volunteer on these action teams, as well as all the steps moving forward in the strategic planning process.”

Queener, who is beginning his ninth month as superintendent, has been encouraged by the positivity within the district and its communities.

“District 911 has a very large geographic area, and it’s important for us to create a new identity with all the cities and townships that we serve,” Queener said. “The school district holds all the components of Isanti County together, and we need each other. I refuse to be a superintendent that only comes before you when we have a tax request. We want to continually engage the community, and we encourage the communities to become a part of the strategic planning process.”

Truebenbach said the planning document created by the strategic planning team is a “true reflection of the community” and involved around 25 members of the district, general public and high school students.

Sponsorships for street dances, farmers market

Josi Wood, community events and parks coordinator, explained the city is seeking sponsorships for the Isanti Family Farmers Markets and street dances to be held this summer.

The farmers market will be every Friday in Eagle Park (18 Broadway St. SW) May 20 through Sept. 16. Wood explained sponsorship opportunities were offered in 2013 that amounted to $940. She said total expenses for 2014 is $3,000.

Wood explained free community street dances will be held on Main Street June 21, July 19 and Aug. 16, with an estimated 3,000 people in attendance. Wood said there weren’t any sponsorships available in 2013. She said total expenses for the street dances in 2014 is $13,150.

Following discussion, the council took action authorizing Wood to send letters to all businesses within the city of Isanti seeking sponsorships to help fund these events.

The farmers market has sponsorship levels of $50, $100, $200, $350 and $500. The $500 sponsorship will be limited to one sponsor. Each sponsorship level has varying benefits.

The street dances have sponsorship levels of $100, $325, $750 and $1,500. The $1,500 sponsorship level will be limited to one sponsor for each band. Like with the farmers market sponsorships, the street dance sponsorships have varying levels of benefits.

For more information on the sponsorships for the farmers market or street dances, contact Wood at 763-444-5512 or email her at [email protected]