Halting the sex offender program was a community effort

Dear Editor:

I’ve seen editorials and opinions in the paper over the last couple months regarding the sex offender program coming to Cambridge. Kurt Daudt thanking Brian Johnson, Brian Johnson taking credit for changing the Governors mind, Brian Johnson thanking Brian Johnson and publishing a letter he wrote to Department of Human Services. For the record nobody that lives in this district thought the idea was good. Maybe there would have been some jobs that came of this but nobody thought the way that DHS rolled this out was in any way good. So Rep. Johnson thanks for supporting the obvious.

This was a community effort by leaders at all levels of government and many that are not elected but citizens of our community. Johnson and Daudt, the cow has left the barn; stop milking it now and work toward finding some common ground in St. Paul.

Kriss Hakala

Wyoming, Minn.