Note on frozen water lines from city of Braham

Dear Editor:

There are a lot of area cities having problems with frozen water lines, and although this hasn’t happened yet in Braham, most likely due to the high water table, the city of Braham is taking a proactive approach to prevent this potential problem.

Like in area cities, residents are encouraged to test the temperature of their cold water with a candy thermometer or fish tank thermometer after letting the water run until its cold.  If the water temperature is at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, the resident should run a pencil size stream of water from an inside faucet at all times until mid-April.

According to Minnesota Rural Water Association, letting the water run at this level will average .25 gpm (1/4 gallon per minute) which equals 10,800 gallons in 30 days. The city will credit the additional water/sewer charges over the customer’s average usage from the last three months.

City of Braham