Concerns with treatment facility

Dear Editor:

No concerns, huh? Yea, I suppose you have to know a residential treatment facility is coming before you can be concerned about it.

If Isanti County and the Minnesota Specialty Health System-Cambridge were looking to make friends of the neighborhood surrounding the new Cambridge residential home, they didn’t.

By deciding to place a facility in our neighborhood without so much as a letter telling us they were coming, borders on negligence. I wonder if by calling it a “Foster Home,” instead of something else, they can bypass any red tape or notification? My guess would be yes. It sounds more like a treatment facility to me. If they don’t think it’s a treatment facility, then why will there be “as many as 20 staff members, psychologists, nurses, behavioral analysts, and program leads” in and out of the houses daily?

According to a memo dated Dec. 26, requested from the county on Feb. 26, they already knew the Athens house would have four beds and the Cambridge house would have three beds. According to the newspaper, we have about three weeks to make any inquiries or address concerns before clients start moving in. Complaining will do no good, because nobody is going to change the decision already made.

What does a “risk to the community” actually mean?  Please define. Because I’m sure if I ask the question I will be told they can’t release that information. So I won’t be able to find out just what kind of risk my family is at risk from and how great a risk it actually is. By the way, did I also mention the church with a school in the neighborhood?

Before everyone says I’m just whining about it, you’re probably saying I’m glad it’s his neighborhood and not mine.

Rich Schommer