Per Minnesota Statutes 375.12 APublication of Proceedings@.
Meeting held on January 7, 2014.
A detail of the entire minutes are available for public inspection in the Isanti County Administrator=s Office or by visiting our website at
Member Present: Commissioners Larson, Southerland, Morris, Warring, Anderson
Members Absent: None
Others Present: C Caulk, D Valentyn, P Messer, T MacMillan (Reporters: Tatting, Chapman)
o0o At 9:15 a.m. the meeting was called to order by Cty Administrator K VanHooser, leading the assembly with the Pledge of Allegiance. The administrator called for the election of the Cty Board Chairperson.
14/01-01 Larson/Anderson to approve the agenda with the following additions (on file). Carried.
o0o The Administrator called for the election of the Cty Board Chairperson for 2014.
14/01-02 Morris/Southerland to nominate M Warring for Chair of the Cty Board for 2014. Carried.
o0o M Warring, Board Chair asked for the election of Cty Board Vice Chair for 2014.
14/01-03 Larson/Anderson to nominate L Southerland for Vice Chair of the Cty Board for 2014. Carried.
14/01-04 Southerland/Anderson to approve the minutes of the 12-18-2013 Cty Board meeting. Carried.
14/01-05 Morris/Larson to approve the minutes of the 12-30-2013 Special County Board meeting. Carried.
14/01-06 Southerland/Anderson to approve payment to MCIT for 2014 Workers Comp Insurance (on file). Carried.
14/01-07 Larson/Morris to approve payment to AMC for 2014 annual dues ($14,048). Carried.
o0o B.6 was deferred to later on the agenda.
14/01-08 Larson/Anderson to set the 2014 Cty Board meetings for the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. Carried.
14/01-09 Morris/Southerland to set a Public Hearing to consider adopting the new 2011 Septic Rules (on file). Carried.
14/01-10 Morris/Anderson to set the following 2014 Committee of the Whole meeting dates: Carried.
14/01-11 Southerland/Morris to approve the following 2014 Community Organization payments: Carried.
14/01-12 Anderson/Morris to approve the Geologic Atlas Project Contract with SWCD. Carried.
14/01-13 Morris/ to approve the following Comparable Worth Committee recommendations (on file). Carried.
14/01-14 Larson/Morris to approve the Isanti County Board of Commissioners Operating Guidelines for 2014. Carried.
14/01-15 Southerland/Anderson to approve the following claims and warrants:
Mille Lacs Oil $ 10,660.00 Softree Technical Systems $ 5,625.00
North American Salt 37,388.05 Advanced Correctional Care 12,451.54
MESB Joint Powers 14,732.00 MN Sheriff’s Association 6,879.00
East Central Regional Dev 18,394.87 A’viands, LLC 3,354.54
GeoComm, Inc 5,879.00
One (1) claim less than $2000 was approved totaling $569.00
14/01-16 Morris/Anderson to authorize the Sheriff’s Department to purchase two 2014 Ford Police Interceptors SUV/Explorers AWD for $51,993.64. Carried.
14/01-17 Southerland/Larson to deem a 2004 Ford Crown Vic as surplus and sell at public auction. Carried.
14/01-18 Larson/Anderson to ratify the hire of the following part time Correctional Officers: K Boettcher; J Zigan, eff 1-3-14; P Anderson, eff 1-6-14, and M Madson, eff 1-7-14. Carried.
14/01-19 Anderson/Larson to approve the Supervised Visitation Contract with the Refuge. Carried. Voting Yes: Larson, Southerland, Warring, Anderson. Abstain: Morris.
14/01-20 Morris/Anderson to adopt the Dept of Human Services Parental Fee Worksheet for fees associated with the out of home placement of children/youth. Carried.
o0o K VanHooser, Cty Administrator, presented the following 2014 Publication bids (on file).
14/01-21 Southerland/Larson to award the 2014 publication bids to the Isanti Cty News. Carried.
14/01-22 Morris/Anderson to approve the mileage reimbursement (on file). Carried.
14/01-23 Southerland/Morris to set the minimum salaries for the term next following of newly elected officials (on file). Carried.
14/01-24 Anderson/Larson to approve the following 2014 Committee Appointments (on file). Carried.
14/01-25 Southerland/Morris to approve the following Health Board Actions (on file). Carried.
14/01-26 Larson/Morris to set the Isanti Cty Board of Commissioners second meeting in January for January 21st, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. Carried.
o0o There was a brief discussion regarding a group expenditure for the Agriculture Society (on file).
14/01-27 Larson/Anderson to hold the first payment to the Agriculture Society. Carried.
14/01-28 Morris/Southerland to adjourn (10:25 a.m.). Carried.
Kevin VanHooser, Isanti County Administrator
By: Barbara E Baar, Deputy County Administrator
Published in the Isanti County News February 12, 2014 173188

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