IMS administrators dye, shave heads for good cause

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Photos by Urmila Ramakrishnan

Isanti Middle School/Minnesota Center Principal Randy Pauly and Dean of Students John Droubie agreed to shave their heads Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 11, if students raised more than $1,500 for the nonprofit organization Pennies for Patients.

The middle school’s student council created the incentive. In total, the school raised $1,982 to benefit leukemia and lymphoma patients. Both Pauly and Droubie agreed to dye their hair if the students raised more than $1,250. “It showed good school spirit,” Droubie noted.

The winning class was Katie Casey’s seventh-grade class, which raised more than $341. Other top classes were Amy Jennisen’s sixth-grade class with $318, Kim Nelles’ sixth-grade class with $266, Brad Nowak’s sixth-grade class with $260 and Becky Strand’s sixth-grade class with $197.

Sixth-grade student council members Alexander Wimmer and Walter Nordin were excited to see their school leaders follow through. “I am joyful,” Wimmer said. “We all wanted to see them get their head shaved, especially Mr. Droubie.”