Isanti’s new community development director excited to be in community

Roxanne Achman is excited to be the new community development director for the city of Isanti. Photo by Rachel Kytonen
Roxanne Achman is excited to be the new community development director for the city of Isanti. Photo by Rachel Kytonen

The new community development director for the city of Isanti is excited to begin her new venture.

Roxanne Achman started with the city Dec. 30 after spending the past 5 1/2 years as the senior planner for the city of Grand Forks, N.D.

Achman holds a bachelor’s degree in community development from St. Cloud State University. She also served as a planning intern in the Sterns County Parks Department.

“I’m looking forward to doing more community-orientated projects,” Achman said. “When I was working in Grand Forks, I focused more on multifamily residential uses, as well as larger commercial projects.”

Achman said she was thrilled to be offered the position in Isanti.

“I’m excited about working on more single-family home developments, as well as being involved in more community outreach and code enforcement,” Achman said. “I feel this position will be a nice challenge for me, and I’m excited to be working in Isanti and getting to know more members of the community.”

Achman said she applied for the position because she wanted to move closer to family and enjoys the rural aspects of the area such as the lakes, trees and hills and being outdoors.

“So far the position has been a good challenge for me and I’m staying very busy,” Achman said. “The City Council, as well as all the city staff, have been very welcoming, and it’s a good group of people to be working with.”

Achman is hoping to be more involved with city process.

“I’m hoping to gain a better awareness of the functions of the city,” Achman said. “I want to be totally absorbed in how a community grows and develops.”

She is excited for the new opportunity.

“Everything is going the way I expected; there’s a lot more to this position than I thought, but that’s a good thing,” Achman said. “Everyone has been very friendly and I’m really enjoying the small-town atmosphere. In Grand Forks we had more than 400 employees, so this has been a change for me.”

Achman is looking forward to the warmer weather, and getting out in the community.

“With all the different events this community offers, I’m looking forward to meeting more people in the community and getting more involved,” Achman said. “I feel a big part of this job is also getting involved and connected in the community.”

Achman can be reached at Isanti City Hall at 763-444-5512.