Representing Isanti and Chisago County residents?

Dear Editor:

I am beginning to see a trend with the people elected to represent Isanti and Chisago County down at the capitol. Rep. Kurt Daudt, Rep Bob Barret and Sen Sean Nienow have all been involved in bad decision making that went public in the last year, some criminal.

Senator Nienow, the fiscal conservative, is being sued for defaulting on a small business loan to the tune of over $600,000. Imagine what could be done with that money, in the senate chambers he votes no to spending on our schools and various other projects but at his home he votes yes to spending.

Rep Bob Barrett was fined $1,000 and given a misdemeanor for making false claims on campaign literature about his opponent, that’s how he won his race. I wonder how many other false claims he has made while serving the people of our community? Rick Olseen may not have won, but his integrity is intact and unquestionable.

Rep. Kurt Daudt (Minority Leader) allowed a person with a criminal history of assaulting police officers to have access to his loaded handgun. Daudt’s side of the story also conflicts with the statements of the victims in the incident. I support a persons right to carry but carry responsibly. This fly by the seat of your pants behavior is not what I expect of my representatives.

The one thing they all have in common is they all drink the Tea Party Republican tea and can obviously not be trusted. Rep Brian Johnson was the campaign manager for Daudt and has been learning from Senator Nienow on how to be a legislator. It’s only a matter of time before he follows their lead.

Josh Burdine