Don’t take your guns to town, Mr. Daudt

Dear Editor:

In the lawless days of the Old West you carried a hand gun for the protection in Montana, but not today. So why would you have a loaded handgun in your vehicle when making a purchase from a private party?

Today, we have lawmakers who write laws to protect us from those who wish to do us harm. Check your job description. You must have told your friend where your handgun was located in your vehicle, as he was the one who used it to threaten the family who was selling an old vehicle to you. You said a confrontation ensued with the sellers. At this point, you, as a responsible government lawmaker should have led your friend away and contacted the local law enforcement before a deadly weapon was involved. I don’t know if Kurt Daudt, the Minnesota House minority leader, has a permit to carry and is registered at the capital to carry on those grounds. If so, I hope it is revoked. A responsible hand gun owner does not let it be made easily available for others.

In a recent “Star Tribune” article, Mr. Daudt said this about Governor Dayton, “I think he is teetering on the edge. People are saying, hey, we are watching, and if you don’t do the right thing, you are going to be in trouble.” This door swings both ways, Mr. Daudt. Also, we have been told only his side of the story. There is a recorded report in Montana that is public information and we should know what’s in it if this is going to be fairly reported.

Dennis Lund