Minnco Credit Union holding ‘Chain of Hearts’ fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital

Minnco Credit Union is holding its annual Chain of Hearts fundraiser from Jan. 17 through Feb. 14.

Members and non-members are encouraged to stop in to a Minnco office and “purchase” hearts by making a donation. All funds raised stay in Minnesota and help support Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare facilities.

For the past several years Minnco has been a credit union leader in raising funds through the sale of hearts. Minnco was the first credit union to raise $10,000 during their heart campaign.

In subsequent years, they have reached $12,100, $14,500 and an incredible $17,777 last year.

According to Becky Holst, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Northern MN Development Associate, “Minnco raises more money through its Chain of Hearts campaign than any other credit union in the U.S.”

She added that Children’s Miracle Network is encouraging credit unions around the country to implement similar campaigns using Minnesota Credit Union’s for Kids’ program as an example, with “Minnco’s ideas being shared as a valuable resource.”

Some of the innovative ideas Minnco has added include selecting an honorary spokesperson who often is able to visit the offices and meet with staff, hosting kick-off events at all offices, and offering a variety of heart sizes for different size donations.