Children’s mental health case manager looks to make a difference as Mrs. Isanti County

Deborah Natzel (center) receives her official 2014 Mrs. Isanti County sash from her husband, Mark, and Isanti County Commissioner Susan Morris (right). Photo by Rachel Kytonen
Deborah Natzel (center) receives her official 2014 Mrs. Isanti County sash from her husband, Mark, and Isanti County Commissioner Susan Morris (right). Photo by Rachel Kytonen

An Isanti County children’s mental health case manager hopes to make a difference in her role as 2014 Mrs. Isanti County.

Deborah Natzel, the wife of Mark Natzel and mother of six children, has been named 2014 Mrs. Isanti County by the Mrs. Minnesota selection committee.

Since her selection as Mrs. Isanti County, she will compete in the Mrs. Minnesota International Pageant March 8 at Ritsche Auditorium in St. Cloud. Ritsche Auditorium is located in Stewart Hall on the St. Cloud State University Campus. Tickets can be pre-purchased or purchased from 5-5:30 p.m. the day of the pageant. The doors open at 5:30 p.m. with the pageant beginning at 6 p.m.

The winner of the Mrs. Minnesota pageant earns the right to compete in the Mrs. International competition in Chicago later this year.

The focus behind Mrs. International is to showcase women 21-56 years old, married at least six months and a resident of her state or a citizen of her country. Each contestant competes in an interview competition counting for 50 percent of her score; evening gown for 25 percent and fitness wear for 25 percent. Each contestant is given the opportunity to select a platform of her choice that she spends the year promoting.

“Deb is definitely an amazing woman and definitely of ‘superwoman’ status,” said Isanti County Commissioner Susan Morris. “She’s a very dedicated worker in our Family Services department and always goes the extra mile for her job. She takes initiative in regard to community education and children with mental illness. Her work is very commendable and she’s appreciated by the county. Her supervisors have nothing but positive comments about her.”

Natzel said her husband encouraged her to apply for Mrs. Isanti County.

“I finally decided to apply for the role as Mrs. Isanti County because I felt I could bring a positive awareness to Isanti County and the good things we do here,” Natzel said. “Even though our county continues to grow above and beyond in a lot of areas, I still like that we are still connected to each other.”

Morris said Natzel’s job with Family Services, as a mother and as a volunteer with the countless organizations she’s involved in make her a positive role model for Isanti County.

“She has a big family to take care of, along with a son serving overseas,” Morris said. “She’s truly an American mom with a slice of apple pie. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, and we really appreciate everything Deb is doing for Isanti County.”

Mark said he feels his wife will do an outstanding job representing Isanti County.

“Deb has a strong will to do the right thing and is passionate about her work and her volunteer endeavors,” Mark said. “She’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I think this will be a good experience for her to represent Isanti County and also meet other women across the state that are as passionate about things as she is.”

Natzel’s platform is the “Pay it Forward Foundation.”

“This platform, ‘Pay it Forward,’ comes down the basic premise of kindness,” Natzel said. “I’ve seen it first-hand with an experience I saw at Subway where someone paid for a sub for the next person in line. The person on the receiving end of this kindness was just in awe. These little thing, these little bits of kindness, go a long way.”

Natzel is also involved in anti-bullying prevention presentations.

“With our anti-bullying presentations that we do, we promote pro-kindness and the fact that everyone can be kind,” Natzel said. “We promote the fact that one person can really change the world with kindness.”

Natzel will not only compete for the state crown, but she’ll also be available to speak on her platform, make appearances, do special presentations and assist with civic and nonprofit oriented projects. To schedule an appearance, contact the state office at 952-432-6758.

Natzel is seeking sponsorship support as she prepares for the state competition. If you are interested in sponsoring Natzel, contact her at [email protected]

0Those who have already pledged their support include Wayne Zins at North Metro Saw, Sunlife Tanning, Mark Pocrnich DDS, Cambridge Automotive Services, Adevia SpaSalon, Catherine O’Donnell, Chad Hoppke with ReMax, Cambridge Orthodontics, Willow Bridge Center and Wintergreens.

For more information about attending the Mrs. Minnesota International Pageant or for an application for the 2015 local competition, contact Pageants Unlimited at 952-432-6758.