I.S.D. 911 makes plans for the future

Dr. Ray Queener
Dr. Ray Queener

Dr. Ray Queener, Superintendent
Cambridge-Isanti Schools

The New Year offers a time to reflect on successes and opportunities, and to begin planning for things to come.

Independent School District 911 has been fortunate to receive the support of its schools and the education of its students. It has been a privilege to celebrate the new opportunities to invest in learning environments and educational resources for students. The resources gained from the bond referendum and changes in legislation will help the District provide the best learning opportunities.

It is with great excitement to share the District will be forming a strategic planning team in January. This team will engage in a process to implement a plan that will promote the continuous quality education of all students—strategically and cost-effectively. I look forward to leading this joint effort between the District and the greater community to focus the energies, purposes, and investments of the schools.

The District and the communities will work together to develop students’ needs—academically and socially—for their future and build character that will create better success throughout their lives.

It is essential for any high-performance organization to go through planning, and this process is critical for responsible and effective fulfillment of all District initiatives and goals. Strategically planning how to generate the maximum return on investments made in the schools for the benefit of all is a priority of the District.

Leaders from the District will undergo training provided by The Cambrian Group, which specializes in strategic planning for education. This training will provide the know-how to develop strategy for accomplishing the goals of educating students. Having previously led as an internal facilitator in this model, I am confident in it as a valuable system to develop effective strategies for I.S.D. 911 that will set the parameters to meet and exceed student outcomes.

The strategic plan will preserve the great qualities of education that Cambridge-Isanti Public Schools have accomplished, but it will also create new momentum that will close the gap between the District’s progression of its aspirations and its actions to fulfill these aspirations—bringing it from “dreaming” to “doing.”

This planned and purposeful process will help the District to think and act strategically, clarify future decisions, improve organizational performance, build teamwork and expertise, and identify how to best use its resources.

Establishing strategic intent will also help to focus the on-going actions of the District as it seeks to advance innovative, effective teaching and learning that adapts to the evolving needs of students, addresses the challenges in education, and takes advantage of the opportunities in education to the fullest reward of students.

Evaluation of District operations, finances, projects and programs, demographics, and student achievement will help to focus needs and set specific data-driven priorities and proper measures of success.

C-I Public Schools strive to help all students develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to reach their full potential as successful, independent, life-long learners and responsible citizens in our changing world.

The District has an unique opportunity to create its mission for the next five years for all who are involved in the schools and have a vested interest in the education of students. This is also a time to reinforce the values of the communities in the schools. How to best serve students and the communities is at the forefront of all that the District strives to accomplish, and this will continue to serve as a base for all strategic planning.

I look forward to building on the many collaborations of the District with a shared sense of mission and common goals that will continue the long history of fostering the excellent education of students.

Community involvement in the schools is important and the District will work to keep the communities informed and engaged in the strategic planning process. In the meantime, please refer to the District’s website for the latest news and learn more about what the District offers at http://www.cambridge.k12.mn.us/. You can also follow @Queener1 on Twitter.