Much support shown for Li’l Farm Children’s Home

Dear Editor:

She came to help, Pam Schmidt, this lovely lady from North Branch, because Sister Margaret and Sister Francette needed special help. She came, as did so many others of you, to help organize the holiday fundraising sale for the Li’l Farm Children’s Home. She came with clarity and direction. She came with love.

Flo Graham from Hopkins, Herbie Ludwig from Waverly and Pam’s sister Ina from Sandstone came, too, to help; and even St. Lucia, aka Mary Kay Callahan and the flower lady, were there. All the hands of the many volunteers for the Li’l Farm were there, also, to offer their support and love for the sisters and children by packing boxes and boxes of wonderful merchandise and then unpacking it at the parish hall. All of the faithful and faith filled workers turned the hall once again into the magic of Christmas joy with tables and tables of gifts and clothes to sell.

The sellers were there, too, as usual; their faces are now so dear and familiar. One wonders how we could even think about welcoming Christmas if we didn’t have this almost traditional heralding of the holidays.

So many, many people help to make this fundraiser possible. Our local newspapers, the Isanti County News, and Isanti-Chisago County Star, and the local parishes help to spread the word. Father Wagner, plus his staff, and the local Knights of Columbus make the facility available. Also, helping with the sale were donations from Cub, Pine Area Lions Club in Pine City, W&D in the Treasure Chest Building and Ann Tessneer. There are so many people involved in the accomplishment of this exciting event.

Packing up the left over items is always a quick, almost sad thing, for the camaraderie is now over, the hall is now ordinary, and the warmth of the sisters is gone … but there will be next year.

With love and joy, the sisters and the children send their thanks and greetings to each and everyone of you.

Della Theis