Isanti County crews ready for snowplowing season

Dear Editor:

Isanti County snowplow operators are once again prepared for another winter snowplow season. Isanti County maintains 720 highway lane miles with nine snowplow operators and trucks.

County snowplow operators will  do their best to keep the county roads safe and passable for the motorists, and would ask  the motorists for their help in keeping the roads safe by; 1) driving the appropriate speed for the roadway conditions, 2) staying a safe distance from the snowplow trucks.

Snowplow operators have much to watch while plowing, their vision is frequently impaired due to snow clouds from plowing, and the cleaning of intersections requires the trucks to stop and back up repeatedly.

As stated in a recent MnDot news release; “Safe winter driving means;”

• Checking road conditions.

• Being patient.

• Staying back at least five car lengths behind plows.

• Staying alert for snowplows that may turn, backup, or slightly cross the centerline to improve the road conditions.

• Slowing down to a safe speed for the conditions.

• Buckling up.

The County Snowplowing Policy is available to view online at Have a safe and enjoyable winter.

Richard Heilman
Isanti County Highway Department