Braham sets 1.5 percent levy increase for 2014

The Braham City Council approved and adopted the final levy and budget for 2014 during its Dec. 9 council meeting.

The 2014 levy is an increase of $7,728 from last year, about 1.5 percent, which brings the total levy to $538,263.

The funds generated from the levy will be distributed differently than what was proposed in September:

• $372,875 to general fund operations.

• $10,970 to a GO equipment fund.

• $99,452 to a refunding fund, which includes debt service.

• $19,915 to the Horseshoe Street wear course.

• $35,051 to pay for 2013 for street improvements.

The budget included minor changes. Of these was a Medica proposal, which would result in a monthly savings of at least $612 from the previous year’s budget.

Total revenues for 2014 are at $3.5 million and total expenses are at $3.47 million.

Of the expenses, $1.49 million goes to total government expenses. These include $350,188 to police; $258,733 to streets; $152,980 to administration; and $108,662 to capital projects.

Total government expenses also include a $33,380 increase from last year to the police department, of which $28,000 will be used for a squad car purchase.

Water expenses will be $302,717; sewer expenses will be $327,766; and liquor expenses will be $1.35 million.

The 2014 budget also included a 2 percent salary increase for government employees and a 1.8 increase in cost of living adjustment, as recommended by the League of Minnesota Cities.

In other news, the police department reported 176 calls for service for the month of November, which is up from previous months.