Resource families needed for “Close to Home”

Dear Editor:

“Close to Home” is a meaningful phrase and name of a new out-of-home placement program for Isanti County children and teens, and you are invited to become a key part in this program and a youth’s life.

Isanti County Family Services and Isanti County Probation and Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc, (TSA), have partnered to bring the Close-to-Home program to Isanti County in an effort to assist youth in our Isanti County community that need support outside of their current living situation.

Services provided by Close-to-Home include mental and behavioral health, family-based therapy, school liaison services, 24-hour on call support for families and youth, foster care and comprehensive mental health treatment. Youth receive services all while living in a family home environment.

TSA has been providing services in the Isanti County area since 1978 ( for more information) and it is their goal, along with Isanti County Family Services and Isanti County Probation, to provide service that focuses on supporting youths’ individual health and family well-being in youths’ home community aka “close to home.”

It is the shared value of each parent agency’s director that the Close-to-Home program provides youth with local access to services so each participant may remain in their home community and school, and in a family setting.

The effort to create such a model for our youth takes work and commitment, not only from dedicated staff, but from families in our community that are willing to provide healthy family living arrangements for youth in need. Community families, like yours, may be a perfect fit for the Close-to-Home program and can help community children and teens by becoming a licensed foster home. If you have ever thought about helping out, or just now will consider helping our Isanti County community’s youth by getting your home licensed to provide this type of care and healthy family living arrangement, we could use your support in this endeavor. Information and support are readily available to assist your family in learning more about becoming a foster parent.

To learn more about this program that endeavors to help youths “close to home,” call now. Reach out and help be a support for the youth in our community. At the end of the day, making a difference is often what we strive for in life, but making a difference in a child’s life goes above and beyond, so please, help us. Help our youth by calling Kara Moen for more information at Therapeutic Services Agency at 320-629-7600. Resource families are needed now.

Penny Messer, Isanti County Family Services Director

Tim MacMillan, Isanti County Probation Director

Cheryl Smetana McHugh, TSA Executive Director