1. Snowplowing will not be done unless more than three inches have fallen. The Township will not send snowplows out until snowfall has stopped, unless it is an extended snowfall. The snowplows will not be sent out in situations where it would be harmful because of visibility.
2. The Clearing of the snow from the road will be as follows: One pass will be made on the main arteries throughout the Township. Then the secondary arteries will be plowed on the return pass.
3. a) The Township will not be responsible for mailboxes or fences unless they are hit by equipment and they are properly installed.
b) Township residents are reminded that it is unlawful to plow snow from a driveway across a Township road. Piles of snow left on or near the traveled portion of the road can freeze into a solid mass, creating a hazardous situation for vehicles and snowplows. Accidents and damages caused by snow piles placed in a roadway may result in liability to the homeowner.
c) Township residents are reminded to remove parked vehicles from Township roads to assist in snow removal.
d) When directed by a Supervisor in charge of roads, the Chairman of the Town Board, or the Sheriffs Department, the Township will make an emergency plowing effort through private property.
Barb Vogtlin Clerk
Published in the
Isanti County News
November 27, December 4, 2013

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