Isanti County TZD reminds people to drive attentively

Dear Editor:

Unfortunately, the Isanti County Toward Zero Deaths program is finding out that most vehicle crashes are preventable. This coalition has been involved for a number of years in attempting to make a positive change in our driving habits.  Messages have included using seat belts, obeying the speed limit, and not driving distracted or impaired.

At this point, we would like to remind the community to focus on driving when behind the wheel. The stakes are too high to text, use the cell  phone, or drive without paying attention. Did you know that texting while driving increases the chances of a crash by 23 times?  Eating, phone use, and other distracting behaviors contribute to higher crash risk as well.

Recent discussions about factors contributing to serious crashes include the above risks. It was also mentioned that it is good practice to not turn your vehicles wheels until the turn can be made safely.

Please put down the phone, stop texting while driving, and pay full attention to the road while driving.

We all can make the roadways safer by . Let’s be a county where no one dies in a motor vehicle crash.

Bob Bollenbeck
Isanti TZD Coordinator