Polaris Battalion Sea Cadets lead Snowflake Parade, hold Military Ball

2013 unit picDear Editor:

The night of Dec. 14, 2013 will be a magical night for many of the Polaris Battalion Sea Cadets.

This is the night of their Military Ball held annually during the holiday season. The Cadets don their military issue Dress Blues and their guests, made up of family, friends, and distinguished guests, will all dress in their finest ball attire. Socializing will happen, dinner will be served. Commanding Officer LTJG Leon Berg and Executive Officer Brent van Hees along with Lead Petty Officer Cory van Hees will offer some remarks for the year in review. But perhaps the biggest gift these Cadets and guest will be treated too is for Brig. Gen. Kevin Gerdes to be the guest speaker.

Retired after 33 years of service with the National Guard, General Gerdes has moved his talents to the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. He currently holds the position of Director of the Public & Nonprofit Leadership Center.  General Gerdes will impart words of wisdom on the Cadets about Leadership and what it takes to lead as a youth and going forward into the adult world.

“Not many kids, yet alone adults, get to sit down and have dinner with a General. We are so honored that he is willing to attend our Military Ball,” Executive Officer Brent van Hees said upon hearing the confirmation that General Gerdes would be attending.

The Polaris Battalion Sea Cadets is a program for youth ages 11-17 years of age. They follow all Navy customs and courtesies, wear all the uniforms of the Navy and attend trainings that further their interests whether it’s through the STEM program the Navy SEALS or many things in between. Drills happen monthly throughout the year in the Cambridge area, teaching honor, courage, leadership, responsibility and commitment. This program is designed for all youth, but for those who have an interest in the possibility of joining the service following high school, this program will offer the possibility of a higher pay grade following boot camp.

For more information on the program check out the Polaris Facebook page, the website http://polarisbattalionusnscc.weebly.com/, or email Dawn van Hees at [email protected] And watch for the Cadets in the upcoming Snow Flake parade. They will be leading the parade with the Color Guard and the balance of the unit marching behind.

Dawn van Hees, Isanti
PR/Marketing for Polaris
Battalion Navy Sea Cadets