Two Isanti County men arrested for alleged ATV theft

Nov. 10 was allegedly a busy day of debauchery for Timothy Alan Beckman and Michael Allen Chilson.

Beckman, 45, of Isanti, reportedly stole an all-terrain vehicle and was in possession of brass knuckles and a substance believed to be methamphetamine.

Chilson, 27, of Cambridge, reportedly also stole an ATV.

According to a criminal complaint from the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office:

On Nov. 10, at approximately 1:40 p.m., a sergeant with the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office was patrolling near County Road 8 and Blue Heron Trail, looking for vehicles driving through closed road barricades.

The sergeant saw two ATVs heading southbound that entered the closed portion of the road.

The drivers of the ATVs saw the sergeant’s squad and sped away, squealing their tires.

The sergeant pursued the ATVs, which turned onto Blue Heron Trail.

The ATVs fled at a speed of approximately 50 mph down both lanes of the road.

The sergeant was able to get within a few feet of the ATVs during the chase, but they did not stop.

The men fled for about a mile before one of them had trouble with the ATV brakes and it slid into a ditch, striking a windmill and flipping over.

The sergeant exited his squad and approached the driver of the ATV, who fled into a yard and eventually lost his footing and fell.

The man, later identified as Beckman, declined to give a statement to the sergeant.

He was searched, and the deputy found the brass knuckles and the substance believed to be methamphetamine in his pockets.

The sergeant then investigated the ATV and found it didn’t have a license plate.

He located the license plate in a back storage compartment of the ATV.

Dispatch contacted the registered owner of the ATV, who said he believed his ATVs were at his cabin in Isanti County.

The owner later checked his cabin and reported the ATVs missing.

The Sheriff’s Office later tracked down the other ATV and its driver, after receiving a call from dispatch stating someone had crashed at ATV into a nearby creek and fled on foot toward a residence.

Another deputy responded to the residence and came into contact Michael Allen Chilson.

Chilson, whom the deputy arrested, showed him where he had crashed the ATV and reportedly told him the two ATVs were stolen.

Beckman’s record reveals prior convictions for controlled substance in the fifth degree from 2004 and 2009.

A check of Chilson’s record shows two misdemeanor citations for driving without a license, one in 2004 and the other in 2006.