State should not be releasing sex offenders

Dear Editor:

Years ago, while I was away from home serving in the military, I received the devastating news that a very young relative of mine had gone missing. I was later to discover that she had been sexually assaulted and murdered by a sex offender. I know firsthand the devastation a sex crime like that can leave for a family and a community. That’s why I was shocked, dismayed and angered to read in a metropolitan newspaper that Governor Dayton supports releasing a sex offender from the state program that houses nearly incurable sex offenders.

Thankfully our state Attorney General is fighting the Dayton administration on this, and trying to stop it and prevent this release of a dangerous criminal. I sincerely hope she succeeds, because Governor Dayton is wrong and I hope to God Dayton doesn’t prove to be dead wrong.

The man in question has committed 60 rapes. Documents show that this man still has sexual fantasies about sex crimes. This man has recent writings showing that he objectifies women as nothing more than anatomical sex parts. Documents show that he mixes his sex-crime fantasies with his past actual sex crimes. This is a man that is sick to the core, and does not belong in any Minnesota community, free to destroy lives. Yet Mark Dayton supports letting him free.

This on top of the recent news that the Dayton administration is planning to move sex offenders from this same program into a neighboring community in Isanti County- literally right next door to a city park, in a neighborhood with hundreds of vulnerable children. These are convicted criminals who are detained in this sex offender program because professional psychiatrists have determined they can’t stop themselves from committing their crimes over and over.

Ask yourself if this sounds sane, safe or even remotely like a good idea. Of course it doesn’t. Now what are you going to do about it? Please do something. At least contact the Governor’s office and let him know that you think he should put our safety first.

Barbara Grams