CIHS students write on various topics

Editor’s Note: The following letters were written by ninth-graders at Cambridge-Isanti High School. As part of Shane Weibel’s study of citizenship, students discussed a citizen’s role in the community. It is a citizen’s right and responsibility to be involved by voicing opinions.


CIHS needs to be an open campus

Dear Editor:

Cambridge-Isanti High School needs to be an open campus. There are many of us high school students, especially upper classmen, who would like the ability to be able to leave during lunch or on break time. Especially for those who don’t necessarily have a “full day” which is all six periods of classes. Also many students would prefer to go and eat on their own somewhere else or maybe at home. There are many of us who don’t like the school lunches anymore, and think that it would be better to leave. Another reason is that this could help some students if they need a little break. Some people get frustrated in school and then they can have a little break to relax a little bit. I think that this would be a very effective change and we need the ability to leave on spare time.

Brian Strike


Have you heard of CRPS?

Dear Editor:

Have you ever heard of CRPS (Complex regional pain syndrome)? I am sure you haven’t, because most people never hear about it until it effects someone they know. Up until last year, I too never heard of it, but that soon changed after my injury to my right foot. CRPS is a complex condition to explain to someone who has never dealt with it, so I will try my best to explain it to you. CRPS generally only effects females between the ages of 11-20 years of age. People who develop CRPS have had a trauma to either their arms, hands, legs or feet. The nerves in the area that were injured gets confused when the sensors from the brain to the nerves fire the wrong singles to the injured area. In some cases, the brain will actually forgets about them, so then you have to go through special treatment.

Here are some of the symptoms of CRPS :

• Changes in skin color (red, blue, white, mottled)

• Stiffness in joints

• Sensitivity to touch or cold

• Continuous burning or throbbing pain

CRPS takes a lot of treatment. You have to do physical therapy and therapy. The physical therapy part helps you start to move and work with the arm, hands, legs or feet. The therapy part helps you not think about different techniques and strategies to help yourself be distracted from it. As scary as it sounds, you will make a full recovery from it like I did.

Amber Hogan


Dangers of texting and driving

Dear Editor:

Texting while driving is very dangerous, I’m writing this story to raise awareness amongst our community. Texting and driving is one of the main causes of teen deaths in this world and is outlawed in many states. In 2011, 3,331 people were killed in a car crash involving a distracted driver, and another 387,000 people were injured. Some could argue talking on the phone while driving is a distraction too, but texting while driving is simply not worth the risk. We need to stop texting and driving and help save lives. There are too many deaths and injuries that we could prevent ourselves.

Texting someone the word “K” could cost you your life, or someone else’s. Is it really worth the risk? Injuring yourself or someone else will change your life forever and theirs too.

Dimitry Stallings


Learn to compromise

Dear Editor:

I am sure that a lot of people are aware of the government shutdown Oct. 1. I don’t think the blame goes on one party or the other, but instead Congress in general.

A lot of people agree that Congress is doing an unsatisfactory job right now. Congress waited last minute, and now some Americans go without pay for a while due to the shutdown. Yet Congress still gets paid even though some workers don’t. To me, that doesn’t add up. If the shutdown affected them the same way it affected the people, they might get a bill passed faster.

The problem is that Democrats and Republicans have to have it their way. They can’t compromise or have an open mind about other ideas rather than their own. They should think about how passing a bill or not passing a bill affects the people in general, instead of getting their way.

Abby Kammerer


Turn off your phones when driving

Dear Editor:

I want to talk about texting and driving. According to researchers at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park, more than 3,000 annual teen deaths nationwide and 300,000 injuries are the result of texting and driving. When people text and drive their eyes are off the road and they can crash into other cars or ditches. I believe if everyone turned off their phones when driving, then we could save thousands of lives.

Isaac Volker