September 16

Monday, September 16, 2013 – 7:00 pm –
BAHS Community Room
Isanti, Pine, Chisago
& Kanabec Counties
The regular school board meeting was called to order by Chair Steve Eklund at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was given.
Members present: Steve Eklund, Angie Flowers, Zane Braund, Robert Hughes, Dan Klemz, Max Eng, Tony Cuda and Supt Gregory Winter. Members absent: None
Motion by B. Hughes, second by A. Flowers to adopt the agenda with the additions of creation of an absentee ballot board and announcement of school board candidates for upcoming election and one employment recommendation. Carried.
Motion by D. Klemz, second by T. Cuda to approve the minutes of the July 17th Special School Board meeting, the August 14th Working Board meeting, the August 19th Regular School Board meeting and the September 11th Working School Board meeting, approve the $294,781.91 September bills; accept the September Treasurers report. Carried. The board reviewed the current enrollment analysis.
There was nothing addressed under Open Forum.
Student Council representatives, Caitlin Richmond and Bethany Johnson reviewed the written report The reminded the board that Homecoming is the week of September 23rd through September 27th. There will be Coronation, Powderpuff Football, Ironman Volleyball, a Pep fest and a Homecoming Dance to celebrate during the week.
Elementary Principal Jeff Eklund reviewed his written report and congratulated staff and students for the great 2012-2013 test scores. Special thanks to Katie Blomdahl for coordinating the Literacy Workshop in August
High School Principal Justin Sawyer reviewed his written report There was special mention of the 8th and 11th grade math scores which exceeded state scores. There has been an addition of a 20 minute Advisory at the beginning of the day to focus on goal setting and Bomber Pride. Two great field trips are coming up. Natl Honor Society will be part of MN We Day and an Art class is going to the Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, MN. Thank you to Krista McNally and Kara Fraki for getting grant money to help fund these great opportunities for our kids.
Asst Principal/AD Tim Malone reviewed his written report He updated the board on student participation in fall activities, Homecoming, and the upcoming 8 Team Volleyball Tournament in Braham on Saturday, October 5th. This tournament has been a tradition in Braham since the late 70s and one of the teams, Albany, has participated since it began.
OTAS Officer Mike Thompson reviewed his written report He expressed his appreciation to the School Board and staff during this School Improvement Grant process. A special thanks to Judy Patzoldt and Marie Sward in the business office for the terrific job they did in working with him. The final SIG report will be submitted to MDE by October 21st Thanks to all who helped make the return to school picnic hosted by SIG successful.
District Assessment Coordinator Tracy Fix reviewed her written report and showed a PowerPoint presentation graphing the 2012-2013 test scores. The MMR / AYP reports will be released on October 1st Our students met or exceeded state standards in almost all areas.
Community Ed Director Cheryl Arnold reviewed her written report They have moved into new spaces in both the high school and elementary buildings. Brochures will be out by September 30. The required Early Childhood screening will be September 27. The Braham School Readiness Preschool Program earned a 4 star rating from the state of MN for its Parent Aware Program and getting our kids prepared for Kindergarten.
Superintendent Greg Winter reviewed his written report. He attended a workshop on Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries in the Electronic Age sponsored by our insurance company and a collaborative meeting regarding our shared CD counselor. The school projects are nearing completion with the LED retro-fit parking lot lights and the elementary entrance waiting on parts. The elementary entrance should be completed over the MEA break in mid-October. The public meetings for the Refunding Bonds will be Wednesday, October 23 and Monday, October 25.
Board members reported on individual meetings and activities attended. All expressed their thanks and congratulations to staff and students on the student tests scores.
Motion by M. Eng, second by D. Klemz to accept the employment recommendations of Joe Lakeberg as a long-term sub for Britne Engelking through November 5th; Candice Lund as the new Kindergarten teacher; Amie Shockman as a Special Ed Paraprofessional; Elizabeth Peterson as long-term sub for Beth Bergren; Marlys Carlson as grounds keeper; Ramona McAllister as Early Childhood Family Education paraprofessional; and, re-assignment of Alan Haggenmiller to Cleaner/Sweeper. Carried
Motion by T. Cuda, second by A. Flowers to approve the lane advancement requests of Kim Beidleman to BA+15, Step 8; Dave Blomdahl to MA+15, Step 8; Tracy Fix to BA+30, Step 9; Craig Kotsmith to MA+45, Step 7; Aitor Leniz to MA+30, Step 11; Shane Monson to MA+45, Step 11; and AnnaRae Soderberg to BA+15, Step 4. All advancements effective the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. Carried
Motion by B. Hughes, second by M. Eng to accept the following C schedule additions: Shannon Fox, Musical Choreographer, Step 5; Juanita Worthley, Asst Varsity Track, Step 5; Becky Swanson, Asst Varsity Girls Basketball, Step 9; and, Kearina Maher C Team Girls Basketball, Step 3. Carried.
Motion by D. Klemz, second by Z. Braund to approve the creation of and membership in an FFA Chapter. Carried.
Motion by M. Eng, second by A. Rowers to approve the creation of a Super Mileage Challenge team during the Power Mechanics class and to authorize $1,500 seed money to get this program up and running. Carried.
Motion by D. Klemz, second by T. Cuda to certify the MAXIMUM levy authority allowable for the districts property tax levy for the 2013 payable 2014. Carried. Official paperwork to follow when available. A copy of said levy authority shall become a part of the official minutes.
Following an announcement by Chair Steve Eklund: Motion by B. Hughes, second by M. Eng as follows: Ind. School District #314s Truth-ln-Taxation Public Hearing will be set as an agenda item at the Regular December School Board meeting that will be held on Monday, December 16th, 7:00 p.m. in the BAHS Community Room. Carried.
Motion by D. Klemz, second by M. Eng to approve Resolution for Refunding of Existing School Building Refunding Bonds, Series 2003A. By a roll call vote ALL voted in favor of the resolution. A copy of said resolution will become a part of the official minutes. Carried.
Motion by T. Cuda, second by Z. Braund to adopt the Resolution Appointing Election Judges for the November 5,2013 School District General Election. Carried. A copy of said resolution shall be a part of the official minutes. Carried.
Motion by D. Klemz, second by B. Hughes to award the lease agreement on the school owned farm property, 27.6 acres for the 2014 contract season to Michael C. Dennis, Jr., with the top bid of $3,100.63 which is $112.75/acre. Carried.
Announce the School Board Election candidates: Steven L Eklund, Allison Londgren, Stephanie White and Mike Thompson.
Motion by D. Klemz, second by M. Eng to set a Working School Board meeting on Monday, October 14, 2013,7:00 p.m. Carried
Chair Eklund reminded all present that the Regular October School Board meeting is set for Monday. October 21, 7:00 p.m., BAHS Community Room.
Motion by T. Cuda, second by A. Flowers to adjourn the meeting. Chair Eklund closed the regular meeting at 8:00 p.m.
By: /s/ Steve Eklund, Chair
By: /s/ Zane Braund, Clerk
Published in the
Isanti County News
October 30, 2013

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