Vote yes on Cambridge-Isanti school bond referendum

Dear Editor:

In response to “Just Say ‘No’ to Bond Referendum I almost never do this. Wait. I never do this. But after reading these quotes, “We were pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the results of the last referendum-soundly defeated…”

Here’s me; jaw drop. Not only to the creator of that letter but to all with a similar “pleasant” vision to ensure our children’s education, I say this to you.

I hope that you have never set a toe in a school in this community for any type of event. I hope this mentality comes from you never having a child, grandchild, niece or nephew in this school district.

I encourage opinions and opposition, the 1st amendment is a lovely gift, but I hope it is stemmed from knowledge. I hope you have been to at least one meeting to know what it is you are so exuberantly proud to defeat. I encourage you to go to the Cambridge Intermediate School after a good rain. I hope you are the first to grab a towel and start mopping up. I encourage you to look in to our ratings for our districts schools and safety, we are rated the lowest.

And I am sorry, but your comparison to funding a light rail that in 25 years will turn in to a bike path … hmm. Is that where you see schools in the near future? Leveled off for a parking lot? I don’t foresee a day when we will never need education for children and adults, to keep growing. Any good business person will tell you to make wise investments, long term investments. So when you are so proud to defeat education and the buildings in which that takes place, you might want to choose your words more wisely.

I hope that this community takes a step back at this $1.58 raise in taxes per month, and says yes, my child, their child, my child’s child is important enough to spend that on them. Dreams are made in our schools and our children deserve to dream big and be safe.

P.S. If you want to know where to go to vote Yes, the previous writer did a great job at researching the spots to go for your community voting in the Oct. 16 paper.

Megan Bergman