Aren’t you taxed enough already?

Dear Editor:

Safety and security.” This is the new theme used by supporters of the proposed $10 million bond issue for Cambridge-Isanti School District #911.

Building on the public’s imagination and fear over mass shooting attacks always sells well, after all, despite the probability of such an event being in the same league as being attacked by a shark or being struck by lightning. But there is also a body of evidence that shows mass shooting attackers handily defeating the security measures meant to keep them at bay. Maybe going into debt by $10 million isn’t such a great idea after all.

But even more insidious than $10 million more of debt for security measures of questionable effectiveness is the fact that, this being a bond issue, Wall Street investment banks will get involved underwriting and distributing the bond. These firms, many of which are “too-big-to-fail” and whose executives had no problem taking our bailout money to pay themselves bonuses, don’t do this for free. In fact, they stand to make profits that would take most bond proponents many years to accumulate.

Do not be deceived; there are many among us who, under the guise of any number of benefits, will sell us out in a heartbeat to the 1 percent. Is someone else’s profit and bottom line really something for which to raise your taxes and go into debt? Aren’t you taxed enough already? Send a message when voting Nov. 5.

Matthew Rothchild