Vote ‘yes’ for kids’ safety

Dear Editor:

It’s been quite a few years since our four children progressed through Cambridge-Isanti schools and graduated from CIHS. District 911 schools gave them great launching pads for further education and successful careers. Now, five of our grandchildren are working their way through Isanti and Cambridge schools. There is no better investment we can make in the future than to support our children and see that they can study and learn in a safe school environment.

Over the years we have always supported District 911 school bond referendums because we believe in education and want our children and grandchildren, as well as those of our neighbors and friends, to have the best possible learning conditions. The Nov. 5 bond referendum is asking us to help fund the basic needs of our school buildings. None of the money will go to salaries, educational materials or to pay utilities. Some of our schools have failing roofs that must be repaired and others aging boiler systems that need to be replaced for safety, efficiency and operating cost savings. Tests have shown that some of our schools have inefficient windows and poor ventilation systems which must be improved to give our students a safe and healthy environment. These are repairs that will have to be done eventually anyway, and as costs of materials and labor continue to rise, the burden to taxpayers will just escalate if these improvements aren’t made soon.

Other safety issues include school bus and parent pickup and drop-off sites. Saying yes to the Nov. 5 bond referendum will improve our students’ safety in these areas and will ensure compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, creating accessibility to students and parents who now cannot use bleachers or some school entrances. In the wake of several school tragedies in this country, everyone is concerned about school security. Success of the bond referendum will provide funding to make sure every school building entrance is secure.

The cost of saying ‘yes’ to safe schools and safe kids would be a tax impact of $1.58 per month/$19 a year for property owners of a $125,000 average residential home. You may be thinking that since you don’t have children in school, it’s not your problem. But the children, everyone’s children, are our future. Our children may have already graduated from District 911 schools, but we are grateful to those who supported them when they were in school here.

Even if we didn’t have five grandchildren in Cambridge-Isanti schools now, we would go to the polls Nov. 5 and vote yes for the bond referendum, for the safety and security of all the kids, their teachers and administrators in our community, current and future.

Linda and Ron Noyce