Minnesota has too many kings and queens

Dear Editor:

Another real estate tax hike? Really? The real estate tax hike is just another form of wealth distribution in what is called real estate tax refund. The refund is just another shrinking of the middle class. Why do the kings and queens of D.C. and St. Paul believe that it is their moral obligation to demand the middle class live on less so they can live on more?

For example, one of highest taxed states in the nation is Minnesota. It has 134 state representatives for 5 million people. California has 53 state representatives for 37 million people. Why the over representation? If the 134 representatives would be cut to about 40, Minnesota would probably run more efficiently and give the taxpayers some reprieve. The problem is there are too many kings and queens riding in the cart, and not enough of us taxpaying donkeys pulling it.

Eileen Crawford