Cambridge class teaches understanding with food labels

Cambridge Medical Center, in partnership with District 911 Community Education, is offering the class, “You Are What You Eat,” to help people understand the meaning of food labels at 7 p.m. Oct. 3.

The class will cover the basics about the nutrition facts label, ingredient lists and various health claims made on food packaging.

“There are so many health claims on food items,” said Darcy Rylander, Wellness Coach at Cambridge Medical Center.  “As a consumer, it can be difficult to understand what those claims really mean.”

Early this year, Cambridge Medical Center conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment. Community members, including representatives from area schools, businesses and parenting groups, came together  to discuss local health concerns and what we can do, as a community,  to improve the health of our residents. This process enables the medical center develop specific, local plans based on the needs of our community.

“It’s important to know what our community needs to make the healthy choice the easy choice,” Rylander said. “And what we heard the community say is they don’t need to be told to eat healthier and be more active — they already know that. What they want to know is how to make that happen. Learning to plan and cook healthful meals and make time for physical activity when you have a busy schedule can be difficult.”

This is the first of many classes Cambridge Medical Center plans to offer in order to help our community gain the knowledge they need to create a healthy lifestyle.

To register for the upcoming class call Community Education at 763-689-6189 or if you would like more information about wellness programs offered at CMC contact Darcy Rylander at 763-688-6024.